Strathclyde InspireCase Study - Andrew Kerr

As an MSc Pharmacy student, Andrew Kerr took part in a number of entrepreneurial activities outside of his degree: seeing these experiences as a great opportunity to enhance his CV, gain insight into the world of entrepreneurship and meet new people from across the University. 

Andrew describes Entrepreneurship as a mindset, a practical experience in creative problem solving, a way of looking past what’s right in front of you and going beyond what you thought was possible. It’s about enhancing soft skills like interdisciplinary team working, and building resilience and empathy.

Whether you try out a programme that allows you to create an idea from nothing, or you want to test out an idea you’ve had in your head for ages; Strathclyde has something for you. And trust me, it will develop you as a person regardless of the outcome.

Keen to highlight that entrepreneurship isn’t just for business students, Andrew highlights that taking part in these entrepreneurial experiences not only enhanced his skills but exposed him to possibilities beyond his initial career projection. His degree may have been Pharmacy, but the practical entrepreneurial experiences he had as a Strathclyde student developed skills that have continued to benefit him today. Andrew concludes:

These entrepreneurial experiences ignited a fire within me, to look at the world differently and how I can make an impact on society. That skill isn’t something that can be taught, it needs to be experienced. In this day and age, it is so important to be versatile and ready for jobs that don’t yet exist. The best way to do that is to be entrepreneurial and the best way to really understand what being entrepreneurial is, is to experience it.

Currently studying for a Bachelors in Medicine (Surgery), whilst still pursuing a business idea with friends from his time at Strathclyde, Andrew doesn’t yet know what his future career holds. However, he is confident that his entrepreneurial approach to life and the skills gained from his exposure to entrepreneurship will ensure he is ready for anything.

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