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Work experience is anything that gives practical experience, from working with a large city employer to working unpaid as a volunteer at the local hospital cafe. It’s called lots of different things, but anything that is giving you experience within an organisation can be classed as work experience.

Strathclyde students on the 2016 Saltire Foundation Undergraduate Internship Programme

 Strathclyde Saltire Interns 2016


The Careers Service runs careers fairs throughout the year to assist students in finding part-time and temporary/casual jobs as well as Summer Internships and Graduate jobs.

 See our Events System for full details.

How do I find out about vacancies and events advertised by the Careers Service?


  • All of our vacancies are advertised online so make sure you register/login to view Careers Service online vacancies.  It is easy to use - login with your DS login
  • The online vacancy service allows you to search vacancies by category eg part-time jobs or summer internships etc. 
  • If you don't see your ideal job today, you can set up an e-mail alert so that the system automatically sends you an e-mail to alert you to new vacancies in your chosen area.


  • All of our events are now advertised on Events on MyCareer so that you can view all employer presentations and recruitment events as well as careers sessions happening in the Careers Service
  • You can book an appointment for the CV and application checking service 
What types of work experience opportunities are advertised by the Careers Service?
Advice on working during your studies

While you are a full-time student your priority should be your academic performance - the University expects that you work no more than 15 hours per week during semester.

Use these pages to take you to more detailed information and advice:

Make yourself employable
Job hunting and researching employers