Research & Knowledge Exchange Committee

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Terms of Reference

The Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee is responsible for oversight of strategy and policy and monitoring of their implementation, to ensure efficacy and performance enhancement in research and knowledge exchange activity across the University.

 To be responsible for

  • strategy and policy for research and knowledge exchange activity across the University, and for proposing this to the Executive Team to ensure consistency with the overall University strategy;
  • a strategy for research and associated research business development, including research quality enhancement, related international activity, and the promotion and encouragement of engagement with appropriate external partners
  • a strategy for knowledge exchange which will provide a framework for work with industrial partners and others; 
  • a strategy to promote and encourage staff and student engagement in a range of research activities and the promotion of skills development and enhancement to support them;  
  • developing a strategic overview of the range of research studentships and scholarships to be available within the University taking account of the external environment, with a view to maximising those available;
  • the Concordat to support the career development of researchers;
  • formally overseeing the policy for the formation of a spin-out company in those cases where it is clear that this could be an effective means of commercialising University intellectual property;
  • formally authorising the formation of new spin-out companies having regard to their viability independent of the University;
  • regularly reviewing the strategy and policies developed to ensure that they remain relevant, achievable and sustainable and take account of national and international developments and opportunities.


Deputy Principal Research ex officio (Convener)
Principal ex officio
Four Vice-Deans (Research or Knowledge Exchange) ex officio – one from each Faculty
One member of Research Staff
One Postgraduate Research Student nominated by the Students Association
Director of Research and Innovation

And such other members as the Committee may wish to co-opt because of their expertise.

The Committee Manager is Ms Madeleine Rooney

The above has been approved by Court on 6th October 2009.