The City of Glasgow Eimear Kelt Medal for Architecture 2017

Paschalis Kyrstopoulos has been awarded the City of Glasgow Eimear Kelt Medal for his project a 'Scottish Youth Parliament'

This medal is awarded yearly by a panel of professional judges on behalf of Glasgow City Council, to the best project produced by the Department of Architecture at Strathclyde University. It is made in memory of Eimear Kelt, who was one of the most important Scottish architects of her generation until her death in 2007. Paschalis was presented with the medal at an award ceremony in the Satinwood Suite in Glasgow City Chambers, on 3 November 2017.

Paschalis Kyrtsopoulos' project for a Scottish Youth Parliament and Ministry for Education "promotes interaction and growth within our communities".

The project relates to the deconstruction and simplification of the political system in Scotland which will allow residents to access the decision making process and be part of a wider system of local governments. The devolution suggested in this project is based on the examples of direct democracy and local governments of Switzerland, Netherlands and Canada.

This project focuses on the example of Glasgow which has the largest tradition and population of students in Scotland. It is apparent that it is the most suitable place to locate the Ministry of Education which will not only be a building of offices, but a place for democratic discussions, where the Scottish Youth Parliament will operate. The term ‘democratic discussion’ is examined through the lenses of individual-group-collective and is the key focus for the design of the building.

This project also won the RIAS Rowand Anderson Silver Medal.

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