ArchitectureThe APS National Student Awards

A major national award scheme promoted by the UK’s Association of Project Safety

The Department is delighted to announce that our student Marc Llado Hillis was awarded joint 4th prize for his Ben Lomond viewpoint.

The APS National CDM and Student Designer Awards celebrate inspirational good practice in the construction health and safety sector and are a benchmark of excellence, aimed at highlighting how good design and health and safety practices can help reduce deaths, injury and ill-health, both physical and mental, so that construction workers can return home happily and healthily to their families each day.

Judges comments

Marc has submitted the first entry that the judges have been presented with to have considered inherent risks for cows, farm risks and sugar for a diabetic project Manager! There was much discussion in his submission regarding a risk assessment and alteration thereof...A good exploded construction diagram indicated how the components fitted together. The fact that it was built, it obviously did!  Again the risks seemed to have been managed out as it was apparently built without threat from cows or manure!  Sadly we were never informed how they got the hut to its final resting place, but then again that might have been milking it!

The awards were presented at the Gibson hall in London where over 170 construction and safety professionals celebrated excellence in design and construction health and safety management.

Marc's success adds to or excellent record in this prestigious award.

2017-Marc Llado Hillis (fourth place)

2015 - 2 projects:

1. Mark Kitson and Michael Cockburn (the winning project)

2. John T Brown and Chloe van Grieken (special innovation award)

3. Mark Kitson and Michael Cockburn (joint winners of the technical excellence award).

2014 - Angus Ritchie and Dan Tyler (second place)

2012 - 3 projects: 1. Michal Scieszka & Dale Smith (second place). 2. Helen Ann Love (commended). 3. John Kennedy (commended)

2011 - Kah Fat Lum (special technical award)

2010 - Stuart Russell and Mark Sneddon (second place)

2009 - Keith McGregor and Mairi Laverty (third place)