Top Design Tutor of the Year Awards from the RIAS

David Reat was awarded the prestigious RIAS Scottish Design Tutor Award 2012-14.

David was recognised by the RIAS for his outstanding talents in design teaching in the Department of Architecture. He received the profession's award in recognition of the importance of the role of design tutor. The accolade recognizes David’s tremendous work, for the Department and for architecture in Scotland. Previously in 2010 this award was given to a tutor, Kathy Li, then in our Department. The 2012/14 award was announced during the R.I.A.S. Fellows Dinner at the Corinthian Club in Glasgow. 

Professor Gordon Murray, Professor of Architecture at Strathclyde related some of David’s professional achievements:

“David has been a tutor for the best part of a decade and in that time he has contributed to the ethos and direction of the school as a whole.  His initial teaching cohort was First Year, where his Unit constantly attained a significant and disproportionately high number of accolades and merits.  A pattern emerged where students who studied in David's Units continued to achieve an incredibly high standard of work in their subsequent years of study.

The current ‘EARTH’ Unit in Year 5 (run in conjunction with Professor David Page) continues to benefit from David Reat's high standards of design studio teaching.  In 2012 this Unit won three of the five RIAS Student Awards – a noteworthy achievement.

David became the ‘Director of Year 4 Studies’ one year ago.  Whilst handling his other tutoring duties, he has presided over Year 4 activities with great aplomb and style and this has resulted in a overall median rise of around 14% in grades in the year (with 10 First Class Honour Degrees awarded).  Again, this is a terrific achievement.

David is a tutor who is well liked and admired and he has set a prolific teaching standard in the school.  His devotion to architecture and education, as well as his very personal and human approach relating to students and staff alike, make him a design tutor who is able to broaden the skills of the students, as well as opening their minds to a different way of perceiving the world.” 

Sholto Humphries, RIAS President, described David as a ‘brilliant teacher’ who very well deserved this prize:

“The RIAS maintains close links with Scotland’s five schools of architecture. Their Student membership of the Incorporation and involvement in our activities is steadily increasing and the quality of Scottish architectural education is reflected in our ever improving national architecture.”

Colleagues and students involved in the nomination process were fulsome in their praise.

Testimony from Dr. Jonathan Charley (Director of Cultural Studies):

“David Reat has received the prestigious 'Scottish Design Tutor of the Year' award. It is a huge achievement for David and a public recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of a vibrant architectural culture within the school. I am sure that I am speaking on behalf of everyone in congratulating him.”

Testimony from Ruairidh Moir (Student):

“Having benefited from David’s teaching throughout my years of study, either directly or indirectly, I can testify that the impact of  the exemplary teaching standard that David typifies has been enlightening and extremely rewarding.  Not only is he a great architect, but he is a great educator, listener and friend.  My work would not be anywhere near as good without David's teaching methods.  Having been involved in the student body in the nomination process, it is evident that this is a common view held by students in all year groups at Strathclyde.  We are all delighted in this national recognition of his talents”.