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To help answer any questions you may have about the different aspects of studying in our department, our handbooks contain practical information about the University, our Department and your course of study including course regulations, class syllabi and departmental procedures.

Our MDFs contain full details of class information including learning outcomes and methods of assessment. 

Please also see information on Extensions to and Late Submissions of Coursework.

Course Handbooks

Module Descriptor Files (MDFs)

16010 Industrial Study

16020 Industrial Study 

16110 Energy and the Environment

16130 Introduction to Engineering - not on offer 23/24

16132 Engineering Mechanics 1 

16231 Flight and Spaceflight 1 

16232 Engineering Mechanics 2

16259 Aero Design 1 

16263 Automotive Systems 1 

16288 Professional Studies - not on offer 23/24

16293 Environmental Engineering Science 1 - not on offer 23/24

16294 Energy Systems 1

16298 Project

16309 Aero Design 2 

16327 Structural Mechanics

16351 Flight and Spaceflight 2

16361 Dynamics and Control 

16363 Engineering Analysis III 

16402 Case Studies in Engineering 

16429 Computer Aided Engineering Design  

16565 Engineering Composites

16587 Pressurised Systems 

16599 Aerodynamic Propulsion Systems

ME101 Heat and Flow 1 

ME105 Mechanical Engineering Design

ME107 Experimental and Laboratory Skills

ME108 Engineering Analysis and Numerical Methods 

ME109 CAD for BME (Bio students only)

ME201 Aero Design and Flight Test 

ME203 Heat and Flow 2

ME209 Mathematical Modelling and Analysis 

ME212 Materials Engineering and Design

ME214 Mechanical Engineering Design 2

ME301 Heat and Flow 3

ME312 Mechanical Design 3A

ME313 Mechanical Design 3B

ME315 Engineering Analysis (FEA) 

ME403 Engineering Materials Selection 

ME404 Energy Systems Modelling 

ME405 Heat and Flow 4 

ME409 Individual Project  / ME420 Individual Project - Aerospace  / ME421 Graduate Diploma Individual Project

ME414 Advanced Mechanics and Dynamics 

ME415 Strategic Analysis of Engineering Business Case Studies 

ME416 Engineering Ethics 

ME425 Aerospace Propulsion 

ME507 Machinery Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring 

ME512 Spaceflight Mechanics 

ME514 Advanced Topics in Fluid Systems Engineeering 

ME515 Finance for Mechanical Engineers

ME517 Spaceflight Systems 

ME519 MEng Group Project  / ME525 MEng Group Project - Aerospace  / ME524 MEng Group Project Abroad

ME520 Advanced Research Project A

ME521 Advanced Research Project B 

ME526 Engineering Plasticity

ME527 Introduction to Engineering Optimisation

ME528 Control Systems Design 

ME529 Aerodynamics in C