electronic and mechanical parts of an ION Accelerator

Advanced Nuclear Research Centre

The Advanced Nuclear Research Centre focuses on infrastructure and management of nuclear installations.

UK and international operators are extending the life of existing nuclear installations. They're doing this through process, risk and technical innovations. 

This creates new demand for research, technical support and educational programmes in the field.

Our mission

We will:

  • deliver impact for industry partners by solving significant challenges around nuclear operations. 
  • support safe and efficient management of reactors system
  • provide research and development for industry partners through leveraged funding and supply chain engagement
  • develop multi-partner programmes of industry-focused research and innovation
  • target further international research funding through, and leverage it against public and research council funding
  • support the creation of graduates for industry together with Continuing Professional Development programmes. We'll do this with other academic partners

Our areas of research

  • plant lifetime extension
  • asset management & decision support
  • decommissioning & waste disposal
  • non-destructive evaluation & testing
  • policy & public engagement
  • structural integrity


Our researchers