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to improve the operations and extend the life of new and existing nuclear installations by applying research and expertise to address life cycle costs and support nuclear power as a key element of net-zero.

This is achieved through:  

  • Operating across all lifecycle stages of the nuclear industry
  • Focusing on understanding and aligning industry needs with solutions
  • Research projects having the main aim of reducing the cost of running nuclear plants across their whole lifecycle
  • Making connections across disciplines and centres of excellence
  • Operating as a hub for Nuclear related activity at the University of Strathclyde

Research Focus:

Address the lifetime value and extension of a nuclear plant

ANRC provides research for industry-led projects for members as well as early-stage research that will address future/potential use.


Our expertise

Research Excellence Framework - Impact Case Study

REF is the uk government’s system for assessing the quality of research in uk higher education institutions. Strathclyde’s 2021 performance improves on the 2014 results and demonstrates that the university has continued to build strength and quality in its research profile.

Improving operational availability and revenue through enhanced management and life extension of nuclear power stations

Analytic software applications developed at the University of Strathclyde for the nuclear industry provide robust data interpretation and decision support regarding the health, condition and remaining lifetime of nuclear reactor cores, related plant and equipment. These support systems have been implemented and used by EDF (UK) and Bruce Power (Canada), and are critical tools in securing the supply of low carbon energy for the UK and Canadian economy and consumers. As a result of these advances, the nuclear industry has benefited from:

  • Enhanced safety cases for the Office for Nuclear Regulation in the UK, leading to the extension to planned operational lifetime of nuclear power stations
  • Accelerated plant availability and return to service following planned outages at nuclear power stations, providing significant time and cost savings
  • Improved management of nuclear facilities through the application of AI and data science
  • New revenue streams for the nuclear supply chain.

Full case study: Improving operational availability and revenue through enhanced management and life extension of nuclear power stations

What is REF?

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