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Quinn Thurston 500x500 PGDE Primary
One of the biggest draws for me was that I could do my degree in under a year here whereas in Canada a post-graduate degree in education is two years in nearly every university. I didn't want to go back to school for another two years, I felt my career was already underway and so Strathclyde's single year program was the only one that felt right to me.
Quinn Thurston, Primary Education (PGDE)
Kim MacPherson PGDE Geography 500x500
Something really great about the course is that University of Strathclyde have subject specific tutors. This isn't available at all universities. My tutor has so much knowledge on the curriculum - it's great to work together!
Kim MacPherson, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Geography
Stack of Books
It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s not as hard as it seems. The instructors are supportive and understanding. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Everyone wants to help and support you here!
Kitra Taylor, Education Studies (MSc)

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