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Meet our Education students

Quinn Thurston 500x500 PGDE Primary
One of the biggest draws for me was that I could do my degree in under a year here whereas in Canada a post-graduate degree in education is two years in nearly every university. I didn't want to go back to school for another two years, I felt my career was already underway and so Strathclyde's single year program was the only one that felt right to me.
Quinn Thurston, Primary Education (PGDE)
Olivia Bell PGDE Physical Education 500x500

Olivia Bell, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Physical Education

I selected the University of Strathclyde as I believe that it has one of the best courses for aspiring PE teachers. With the outstanding brand new facilities in the centre of the city this was another tick in the box for me.

Nicole O'Rafferty PGDE Business Education 500x500

Nicole O'Rafferty, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Business Education

It may seem scary, and it is a big decision to make...but so worth it! Prepare for a difficult year, but with the level of support you'll get from your tutors and friends, you'll be sorted!

Nicola Robertson MSc Education Studies 500x500

Nicola Robertson, Education Studies (MSc)

I have personally enjoyed the philosophical input as it has given me the opportunity to explore other concepts in relation to the field of education (for example, my dissertation this year compares education with neutral enhancement technology.

Manuel Lechthaler PGDE RME 500x500

Manuel Lechthaler, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Religious Moral Education

My passion for teaching comes from my love to share my curiosity to explore philosophical, moral and religious questions with others. Moreover, I believe that educating children and young people is a very important and meaningful activity. It gives you the opportunity to inspire and shape the minds of the next generation and to work in a profession where every day is different and exciting.

Niamh McCourt BA Primary Education 500x500

Niamh McCourt, Primary Education (BA)

I chose to study Primary Education at Strathclyde University because the course sounded extremely appealing to me. The fact that you get to complete a placement on each year of your degree is amazing as you will gain so much experience.

Heather Melville MSc Education Studies 500x500

Heather Melville, Education Studies (MSc)

One highlight has been meeting and working with fellow students from all walks of life: that in itself has been an educational experience as I have found out about many different cultures and met so many interesting people. We have been able to share our experiences of education in these different nations, which has helped us to see how the theory we have learned applies in the real world.

Anthony McFadden PGDE Maths 500x500

Anthony McFadden, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Mathematics

A friend who I went through the first four years of my undergraduate with completed the PGDE course last year and told me how much he enjoyed the experience. This coupled with my own experience of the university meant that Strathclyde was my first choice.

Shalini Pattabiraman PGDE English 500x500

Shalini Pattabiraman, Secondary Education (PGDE) - English

I believe education is a gift and a privilege that everyone must have access to. As a teacher I facilitate that process and make learning accessible through ideas that are fun and engaging. When I relocated to Scotland from Singapore in 2017, it became apparent that I had to undergo a PGDE to continue doing what I loved doing.

Alastair Scott PGDE Computing Science 500x500

Alastair Scott, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Computing Science

Make sure you spend some time in a classroom before you start. For me, it underlined that the choice I was making was the right one for me.

Sonia Jacas Xufre PGDE Spanish 500x500

Sonia Jacas Xufré, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Spanish

To be honest, I heard great things about the teachers who run the modern languages department, Kandi, Gillian, and Alan. I also heard of the great reputation of the university, therefore when I was asked to go for interviews to other universities, once I knew I was accepted for Strathclyde there was no other option for me, my decision was made.

Melissa Zofia Devine PGDE Home Ec 500x500

Melissa Zofia Devine, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Home Economics

I want to give students the confidence to create healthy and exciting meals and to find cooking inspiring as opposed to being a chore. Not enough young people know how and why food is so important to feeling content and living an active life and there's a definite apathy about how processed food impacts you in the long term with Scotland's obesity and heart disease issues.

Hercules Ioannidis PGDE RME 500x500

Hercules Ioannidis, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Religious Moral Education

I started reflecting and realised that what I really like is to think philosophically about life and transmit this knowledge to others. This was evident in the way I train or teach newcomers in the companies that I was working. I felt that helping others acquire skills which they needed in order to succeed was meaningful. I felt like being their teacher.

Megan Chism BA Primary Education 500x500

Megan Chism, Primary Education (BA)

Really get involved on your placements, you can learn so much about yourself, helping to see your strengths and what areas you need to develop on. Your placement mentors will really help you in any way that they can as they also want you to succeed.

Alan Galloway PGDE Business Ed 500x500

Alan Galloway, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Business Education

When I was seriously considering all the hoops I had to jump through to go into teaching, there were points where I felt I was too far into my career to make the change. If you're passionate about young people, and inspiring the next generation, make the change. It is never too late to think about teaching! We all bring different talents, abilities, life experiences to the table.

Marie Baxter PGDE Physical Education 500x500

Marie Baxter, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Physical Education

It is hard work, you have to be extremely organised, and placements are tiring: but if you work hard and put in the effort, you will enjoy it...I would definitely recommend to do it if it's something you have a passion for.

Giuliana Di Rollo PGDE German and Italian 500x500

Giuliana Di Rollo, Secondary Education (PGDE) - German & Italian

My first German teacher had a lasting impression on me. She was full of energy and enthusiasm; as well as being a master of her subject. I was utterly enthralled from start to finish: I aim to be equally as memorable!

Samantha Wilson PGDE RME 500x500

Samantha Wilson, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Religious Moral Education

If you are committed to being a great teacher Strathclyde is a good place to be. The PGDE offers a lot of support for its students and has a very experienced team of educators to help you navigate the course. The one piece of advice I have for anyone considering taking the course is to try and get as much classroom experience as you can before you start.

Laura Jayne Nevin PGDE Home Ec 500x500

Laura Jayne Nevin, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Home Economics

I have been extremely fortunate to have had two excellent placements. My mentors were so supportive which made all the difference. It is daunting going onto placement at first but the pupils make it worthwhile.

Connor Niven PGDE English 500x500

Connor Niven, Secondary Education (PGDE) - English

The thing about teaching is that you really need to want to teach and have a love for your subject. The kids you teach pick up on this. When they have a teacher who really wants to be there, like mine did, it can create a huge change in their life and I want to help contribute to that change.

Laureen Gilmour MSc Education Studies 500x500

Laureen Gilmour, Education Studies (MSc)

The support I have received has been phenomenal. My supervisor is amazing and is always willing to answer any questions I may have, she is as excited about my research project as I am, which helps a lot. The support of the professional services has been amazing; they want to help all students achieve their degrees and will always help find a way to make it possible. They are here to support us all we need to do is ask for help.

Cathy Wood PGDE English 500x500

Cathy Wood, Secondary Education (PGDE) - English

Teaching feels to me like a real opportunity to make a difference to the lives of young people, and to be challenged every day.

Melissa Melvin BSc Maths with Teaching 500x500

Melissa Melvin, BSc Mathematics with Teaching

The highlight of my time at Strathclyde is probably meeting new people and making new friendships at uni and also building relationships with the staff and pupils on placement.

Hayley Leitch PGDE Geography 500x500

Hayley Leitch, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Geography

Use the theory that you learn on campus when in the classroom, take the time to let it sink in. It makes you a better teacher.

Rachael Martin PGDE Chemistry 500x500

Rachael Martin, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Chemistry with Science

The placements have definitely been the best part about the whole course. Getting to meet all the pupils and build relationships with them have cemented just how important it is for young people to get the best chance in education.

Lynsey McDougall PGDE Business Education 500x500

Lynsey McDougall, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Business Education

There is a lot of work but if you plan it right, you can do it. I am a single mum, but I have sorted my routine so that I can get through the workload. It is definitely manageable!

Manon Meunier PGDE French 500x500

Manon Meunier, Secondary Education (PGDE) - French

For me, the best part of the PGDE was being able to gain real experience on placements. It could be quite challenging, especially at the beginning, but as the course progressed I gained experience and understood better what was expected and how I could achieve this.

Sarah McKenna PGDE French Spanish 500x500

Sarah McKenna, Secondary Education (PGDE) - French & Spanish

Miss Gill, my Modern Languages teacher was my favourite teacher at school. If I can be half as good as her, or my mum, I will be happy with that!

Irene Cascallana Matias PGDE Chemistry 500x500

Irene Cascallana Matias, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Chemistry with Science

I was inspired to become a teacher by my own primary school teacher. He was a very nice teacher with a great sense of humour. He used to often make good use of games to facilitate learning, which is something that I found extremely effective.

Victoria Forbes PGDE Geography 500x500

Victoria Forbes, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Geography

If you can make just one child feel better each day, it becomes more worthwhile than any other job in the world.

Gemma Graham PGDE Spanish 500x500

Gemma Graham, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Spanish

My favourite teacher was my S3 Spanish teacher. I loved how excited she was about languages and travel, and she passed that excitement on to me. Her lessons were always so engaging and she made grammar learning a lot of fun. 14 years later and we are still in touch!

Kim MacPherson PGDE Geography 500x500
Something really great about the course is that University of Strathclyde have subject specific tutors. This isn't available at all universities. My tutor has so much knowledge on the curriculum - it's great to work together!
Kim MacPherson, Secondary Education (PGDE) - Geography