Humanities & Social Sciences Health

Improving the quality of people's lives is at the heart of our research.

We set intellectual framework that assists health professionals improve the health of the population.

Our ability to test, analyse and scrutinise health policy objectives and health care implementation helps evaluate success and improve current practice.

In addition to undertaking cutting-edge research, we engage with external stakeholders, including:

  • World Health Organisation
  • NHS
  • Scottish Government

Areas of expertise

Our expertise includes research on:

  • diagnosis & management of a wide range of health disorders 
  • health improvement in young & ageing populations 
  • policy formulation & implementation 
  • historical understanding of long-term changes in both health & health care

Research groups and centres

Our research centres include the Centre for Health Policy and the Centre for the Social History of Health & Healthcare. In addition, our Centre for Lifelong Learning contributes to the ageing agenda by focusing on the relationship between adult education and wellbeing.   Research groups related to Health include:

Our faculties & departments