Humanities & Social Sciences Public & Social Policy

Our expertise in public and social policy is designed to understand and improve the quality of policy-making and its implementation in practice.

Policies are the principles and practices followed by governments and non-governmental organisations in pursuit of their objectives in areas such as:

  • health
  • education
  • social welfare
  • the economy
  • the environment

By further developing international, national and local partnerships with a wide range of public and third-sector organisations, we maximise the impact of our public and social policy research on the practice of governance.

Individual researchers in The Strathclyde Institute of Education, the School of Government & Public Policy, the School of Social Work & Social Policy and the Institute for Future Cities provide new insights to policymakers by developing concepts for understanding policy questions.

We cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from the history of health and social welfare to issues associated with race and ethnicity, citizenship and community, youth and criminal justice migration, education, health and poverty.

Research centres

We host a number of well-established research centres, including the European Policies Research Centre (EPRC), and the Centre for the Study of Public Policy (CSPP). We're also developing new approaches to areas of public and social policy alongside Strathclyde Business School and the International Public Policy Institute (IPPI). The institute hosts a number of centres, including: