Speech & language therapy

Our research focuses on advancing our theoretical understanding of speech and language difficulties, and developing and testing novel management approaches that impact directly on patient wellbeing and service delivery.

We have a wide range of expertise in communication disorders, and produce impactful research in speech, language and voice problems across the lifespan.

We take a highly cross-disciplinary approach by working with other professionals who bring added value to the projects through their knowledge of disciplines such as ENT, neurology, phonetics, psychology, education, computing, signal processing and data analytics.

We also host a vibrant Centre for Doctoral Training that accepts students from a range of disciplines for PhD as well as MPhil study.

Our areas of expertise

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Speech Disorders

Our research focuses on both developmental speech disorders arising from e.g. cleft palate or cerebral palsy as well as acquired problems due to stroke or degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease or ataxia (Joanne Cleland, Anja Kuschmann, Anja Lowit, Claire Timmins).

This work cross-cuts with our expertise in health technologies, with a strong focus on acoustic and articulatory analyses, including ultrasound imaging.

Lecturer and child speech therapy

Voice Disorders

Our voice specialists work in close collaboration with colleagues in local ENT and SLT departments, making our research focused and relevant for the day-to-day management of clients with voice and laryngeal pathologies (Carolyn Andrews, Wendy Cohen, Anja Lowit, Ken Mackenzie).

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There is a growing focus on the management of communication disorders in patient populations who speak more than one language. We focus on how established assessment and treatment techniques translate into different cultural and linguistic contexts (Anja Kuschmann, Anja Lowit).

Student in the Speech and Language Department

Health Technology

Being part of an internationally leading technological university, all of our research has a strong technological focus, be this in the development of new diagnostic techniques involving artificial neural networks, or the development of telehealth technologies to enable effective support of SLT management for patients in their own homes (Joanne Cleland, Wendy Cohen, Anja Kuschmann, Anja Lowit).

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Speech and Language Therapy

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