Picture of a firsherman in a dugout canoe.


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The main aim of the Malawi Millennium Project is to assist in educating the personnel necessary to train future generations of teachers, healthcare practitioners, scientists, technicians and engineers in Malawi to deal with their education, health and engineering problems. The path to achieving this has led us to become involved in a variety of projects that have been of benefit to a wide range of people in Malawi. The beneficiaries are not geographically or socially limited – the locations of the projects span the country North to South, East to West – the people who benefit range from profoundly impoverished villagers to financially challenged students to academic staff working with severely limiting resources.

Some projects can be completed and considered finished, such as the maintenance work on the Gorodi Road or the construction of the David Livingstone Clinic. Other projects, such as the “making wonders” project or the scholarship awards, will require our involvement or will significantly benefit from our input for the foreseeable future.

Over time the set of projects we are involved with will change to reflect the priorities set by our partners in Malawi and to reflect changes in expertise of the group of people within Strathclyde who are engaged in the Malawi Millennium Project.