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The Full-time MBA – an international experience

If you choose to study your MBA full-time over 12 months you can expect a stimulating experience. Your year with us is an opportunity to stretch yourself to the maximum, to be challenged and inspired by the faculty and your colleagues, and to make lasting friendships around the globe.

At the end of the year you'll emerge a different person, confident in the knowledge that you have gained skills and abilities to help you realise your career aspirations. Studying full-time allows you the opportunity to focus on the course rather than trying to juggle study and work.

Special characteristics of the full-time programme

The full-time course is 12 months. Ten months are spent participating in classes, group-work and professional development processes, and two months completing the MBA project. The full-time course allows you to take time to embark on life planning and in many cases reinventing or re-planning your career. In the early stages of the course there are a number of classes designed to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses. This is critical as it ensures you use your assets to full advantage while strengthening your weaker areas. The course is intensive and relies heavily on teamwork throughout – encouraging co-operation rather than competition. Within teams, your own expertise and experience is an essential and a valued part of the distinctive character of the full-time MBA.

As the full-time MBA route of study is normally undertaken by those individuals changing careers or considering starting up their own business, then the programme has a more formal, integrated careers and professional development programme. 

Benefits of the full-time programme

Since we require a minimum of three years' work experience (the average is over nine years) you'll find that your classmates have a wealth of experience, a powerful resource that will prove invaluable. Students typically come from a wide variety of industries, public service and voluntary agencies. This means that a wide range of experienced professionals have developed their skills through the full-time MBA. Typically this has included the accounting and financial managers, consultants, engineers, IT specialists, and marketing managers that you might meet on many MBA programmes, but also some people with very different perspectives, such as medical professionals, civil servants and military officers.

This professional diversity is complemented by the international flavour of the course. The class has a maximum intake of around 60 course members from a variety of countries. Our strong belief is by limiting the class size, students interact more with academic staff and class-mates, making the overall MBA experience highly participative and engaging.

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