Information ServicesLimited access accounts

Limited access accounts (LAA) are a special type of DS account. We can create them for external collaborators and various other types of external user who have a relationship with the University.

LAAs provide external users with access to a limited range of services, for a period of up to one year. If access is still required after that point, the account can be renewed.

Set up a limited access account

Departmental/Faculty IT staff, and some admin staff, can set up limited access accounts for external partners as required.

If you need to have an account set up for an external colleague, please contact your local IT support to discuss whether an LAA is an appropriate solution.

LAAs should always be created for named individuals, not generic roles.  You will need to know some basic information about the external user, including:

  • their name
  • the address of their company
  • their telephone number
  • their email address

If your LAA request is accepted, then a LAA account will be created on your behalf for the external user. You will be the registered 'sponsor' of the account. Sponsors must always be a member of University staff. Correspondence concerning the account will be emailed to the sponsor. The initial username and password will be sent directly to the external user, along with some information on the services available, and how to access them.

If you're a member of departmental/Faculty IT staff, and do not currently have the ability to create LAA's, then please contact us and ask for access to the system.

The time required for the chosen service(s) to become available to the user varies from service to service:

  • Myplace: up to two hours after the account is created
  • Sharepoint: within five minutes of the account being created
  • Wi-Fi: within five minutes of the account being created
  • i: drive: within five minutes of the account being created

Services available to limited access accounts

All LAAs can login to the following

Once they're logged in, what resources they actually see will depend on what has been shared with them.

LAAs can also log in to "shared resource" University computers in the DS domain. For example, student PCs in the library, centrally-managed computer labs, etc.

Changing the password for a limited access account

LAA users can change their own passwords online.