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Coming soon... new Temporary IT account system

The information below describes the current system and processes for managing Temporary IT accounts.  We will shortly be releasing a new Temporary IT account system (date to be confirmed).  We will provide more information here about the processes to be used by the new system, before it goes live.  The new system will reflect the University's new Policy for Temporary IT accounts.

Temporary IT accounts (also known as "temp-IT accounts") can be made available to some types of external users with a close working relationship with the University. To request access please contact your local computing support staff. Or, for Professional Services Staff, the McCance Helpdesk. Contact details can be found on our contact Information Services page.

Temporary IT accounts have access to most of the same services as a staff account. However, they cannot access electronic library resources due to licensing restrictions.

In the case of external collaborators, and many other types of external user, a temporary IT account may give the user more privileges than they want or require, such as an @strath email address. A limited access account will usually be more appropriate for such users.

Upon receipt of the required user information, Temporary IT access requests can be processed immediately, with access available for the user within 10 minutes. Accounts can be configured to last for up to one year. If access is still required after that point, the account can be renewed.

Temporary IT users will receive a notification to their personal email address, informing them of their DS account username. It will have instructions to set their own password online with our password reset page. On setting their password the user will also be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions of the University‚Äôs Policy on the Use of Computing Facilities and Resources.

Temporary IT accounts should always be created for named individuals, not generic roles. Before we can set up a Temporary IT account we need the following information about the account holder:

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Title
  • Date of birth
  • Personal email address
  • Postal address
  • The department they will be working with
  • The nature of their relationship with the University
  • The start date/end date for the account
  • The requester of the account (must be a member of University staff)

Please contact your local computing support staff or, for Professional Services Staff, the McCance Helpdesk, via our contact Information Services page, if you have any questions about Temporary IT accounts.