EILEAN (Islands, Law and Sustainability)

Islands face many governance challenges, some of which may be shared with rural and isolated areas on the mainland. However, other features of the socio-ecological system in islands (as well as in some remote communities) also provide opportunities in innovation, which may be more difficult to achieve at sub-national, national or larger scales. The often tangible scale of discrete island ‘units’ can provide more accessible systems within which policy and management innovation can more easily occur.

Against this background, EILEAN seeks to highlight examples of such innovative policy and management practices, enabling these to be shared between island communities, as well as providing examples of potential techniques for addressing sustainability to other regions globally. While recognising the highly context-specific of governance for sustainable development, translating practice will enable sharing of knowledge and experience between remote communities as well as enhancing the value of the knowledge gained by making it available to the wider global governance community in considering the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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