Pharmacy & biomedical sciencesResearch facilities

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences research facilities

Director of Research: Prof. Luke Chamberlain

Centre for Biophotonics

The Centre for Biophotonics imaging facility in SIPBS provides support for light microscopy imaging and bio-image analysis.

Contact: Graeme McKenzie

Chick Embryo Facility

An NC3Rs funded-facility promoting Chick Embryo Model (CEM) as a reduction and replacement for murine research models.

Contact: Marie Boyd & Linda Horran

GI Bio: Artificial Intestinal Bioreactor

A National facility providing access to gold standard in vitro models of the stomach, small and large intestine to support the evaluation of pharmaceutical and neutraceutical products.

Contact: Hannah Batchelor McKenzie

Multi-scale metrology suite

Nationwide facility providing access to world-leading technology for the analysis of materials, supporting the discovery of diagnostics and therapies of the future.

Contact: Zahra Rattray

Strathclyde Centre for Molecular Bioscience

A world-leading research centre dedicated to enhancing our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of human disease in order to facilitate the development of new treatments in human healthcare. Find out more about Strathclyde Centre for Molecular Bioscience.

Contact: Nik Rattray