Policies & Procedures webpages for students

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Welcome to the Policies & Procedures webpages for students. These webpages list the relevant academic policies and other materials that help support students throughout their time at Strathclyde.


These pages mainly focus on policies that are to do with learning and teaching, however you can find a full list of all the University’s policies on the Policies and Procedures pages.

You will find a brief overview of each policy in each section. This will help you to understand what is within the actual documents. There is also a guide on the right side of the page, which will indicate the following:

Status: This box will indicate if the policy or procedure is new or currently being reviewed. If it is currently being reviewed, this means that there may be a new policy or procedure within the next couple of months, so keep checking the pages!

Audience: This will highlight who the policy or procedure is relevant to e.g. undergraduate students, postgraduate taught students, postgraduate research students or all students.

Useful Docs: This will provide any useful documents, such as forms, that may be relevant to the policy.

Please note that these webpages are predominately for all students (undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate researchers). However, staff may wish to refer to these webpages in order to help support students with understanding the University’s Academic Policies and Procedures.