International students Visas & immigration

Visas and immigration

Applying for entry clearance outside the UK

Students intending to apply for a Tier 4 (General) visa outside of the UK will find further guidance in our Entry Clearance Guidance. Please note that visa processing times vary by country and city of application.

Applying for an extension in the UK

Students intending to apply for a Tier 4 (General) visa extension inside of the UK will find further guidance on our visa extensions page.

Proposed 'Post-study Work'/Graduate Route - updated 08 April 2020

To date the University has no fine detail of the proposed Post Study Work visa other than what is currently being discussed in the news and on the UK Government webpages.  We cannot currently advise on this visa type but we will be keeping a close eye on developments and will send out a communication when we have further information to share.  It is likely to be implemented for academic session 20/21 at the earliest.

Exchange and Study Abroad students

Information for students taking part in an exchange or study abroad programme should read our Exchange and Study Abroad visa guidance.

Schengen Visa

Some Tier 4 students will require a visa to visit the EU; take a look at our Schengen visa guidance.

Start-up Visa

This category has replaced the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa. For Strathclyde students who have completed a degree programme at Strathclyde and wish to remain in the UK after their studies are complete to develop a business idea. See the Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network (SEN) website for eligibility information.

Doctorate Extension Scheme

Students who are coming to the end of their PhD may be eligible to apply for the Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme visa, please refer to our Doctorate Extension Scheme guidance.

During studies

Exam board decisions may have an impact on a student's Tier 4 visa and immigration status.  Further information can be found in our Tier 4 and Exam Boards guide. 

Inviting Family and Friends

You may wish to invite family and friends to visit you while you are in the UK.  Check the Home Office website for information on the Standard Visitor Visa application process.  Supporting documents that you can provide to aid their application are listed below:

  • Student Status letter – Available via Pegasus; simply download the pdf and print.
  • Invitation letter – There is no requirement for you to have a formal invitation letter from the University, however you may wish to write an invitation letter to support your relative/friend's visitor visa application.  Please visit Sample Relatives Letter for a sample letter.   Please note there is no requirement for this letter to be on University headed paper or to be signed and stamped by the University.