RegistrationFrequently asked questions

Yes - Nationals of countries outside the UK and Ireland are subject to UK immigration control, and therefore require a visa or leave to remain to be in the UK. Universities are required by law to check that all their students have valid immigration permission for the UK.

This year due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we are allowed to check your documents online and you are allowed to complete registration online. However, it is likely that you will be required to make an appointment at a later date to present the originals of the documents that you have uploaded at registration.

You will need to upload your documents during the registration process. These will be checked by our admissions and compliance team and they will update your cross to a tick only after all the documents have been uploaded and checked by staff. See here for more information and instructions about what you need to upload here.

You will need to upload your photograph during registration.

You will need to make sure that your tuition fees are paid online. There will be no option to pay in person after you arrive. You must pay your tuition fees online.

You need to complete registration online before you can gain access to your course materials online.

We are sorry but we are currently unable to produce or distribute student cards. We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and when student card production is available we will update the website and notify you via email. Once the service is available, you will need to make an appointment online to collect your card and instructions on how to do this will be emailed to you.

You still need to upload your photo during registration as this is used within the University for identification purposes, as well as for your card production. Please ensure that your photo meets the photo guidelines and is uploaded in the correct orientation as it will ultimately be used for card production.

Please download the Strathclyde App and use the library barcode within it to access the library without a student card. You can also use the App ‘About me’ information to demonstrate your student status.

Alternatively, you can visit the kiosk at the library entrance and use your DS username and password to create a temporary ID which will let you into the library.

If you need proof that you are a registered student, you can download a student status letter from Pegasus. You can request this letter under the “Personal” tab. You must complete online registration before you can receive the letter

Register with Unidays and Student Beans for student discounts that you don’t need your card to get.

To access your student email, you need to complete Online Registration in order to access your student email account.

To login to your student emails, access PEGASUS. From the homepage, click on the 'student email' link on the left side of the page under 'Online Services'. You'll then be re-directed to the student email login page.

Login details format will be as follows:

Contact your Advisor of Studies within your academic department to arrange your curriculum. Their contact details should be in the “Curriculum” tab of PEGASUS.

You can update your personal details on PEGASUS under the 'Personal' tab, in 'Maintain Personal Details'.

Visit our upload your photo page and follow the instructions.

You can upload during registration or via Pegasus: 

  • log into PEGASUS (using your username and password)
  • click on the Personal tab
  • click on Maintain Personal Details
  • click on Upload Your Photo. There’s onscreen help available to take you through the process

If you still experience difficulties in uploading a photo, email a copy to Remember to include your student registration number, name and date of birth.

We don't fill in Council Tax forms, instead you can print off a Council Tax discount letter on Pegasus under the 'Personal' tab. This will be available following your course start date. Make sure you're connected to a printer and that you have enabled pop-ups!

You can print a bank letter from Pegasus after you're a fully registered student. Simply log in and click on the ‘Personal’ tab and then ‘request bank letter’.

Once you've completed Online Registration, you can request a Student Status Letter which will confirm you're a registered student at the University. 

You can request this letter under the “Personal” tab of Pegasus.

  1. Login to PEGASUS and from the Online Registration page, click on the link that says “Click here to review and confirm your Personal & Address Details”.
  2. Once redirected to the page where your personal details are listed, scroll down to where your Home Address and Term Address (if applicable) are listed.
  3. Underneath these two addresses, you will see a small paragraph with the following statement in bold “To amend your Home Address click here”. Please click on this link.
  4. You should now be able to edit your Home Address and you will also see a field for Home Accommodation Type.
  5. Next to Home Accommodation Type there is a box with an arrow pointing down. Click on the arrow to reveal a drop down menu of options e.g. (“Parent/Guardian’s home”, “Own house/apartment”, etc.) and choose the one most relevant to your home address. You can also choose “Prefer not to say” if you do not wish to disclose this information.
  6. Once you have picked an option and confirmed your Home Address, you will then be able to confirm your Personal and Address Details and finish Registration by clicking “Register Now”.





Yes – all students must register online. 

If you are an international student with Tier 4 visa or other immigration status you will need to provide documents.

Find our what documents that you need to provide. If you have difficulty uploading documents please contact

Yes – all students must register online. 

If you are returning from voluntary or academic suspension and require a Tier 4 visa, you must upload a copy of your new visa or if you have another type of visa or immigration permission you will need to upload a copy of this 

Yes – all students must register online every year. Even if you do not plan to undertake study this year you must still register online with the University. This is to make sure your personal details are kept up to date, so that you have recorded your data sharing preferences and so that you maintain your contact with the University.

If you are a new PhD student and are due to start study in August or September please contact quoting your application and registration numbers (from your registration emails). 

You may need to register manually at this time and we will help you through this process

Students with a start date of 1 October onwards will be able to register online via Pegasus.