RegistrationNew students – International (including EU/EEA & Switzerland)

If you were issued a CAS and have made a student visa application, you must only travel to the UK when you have received your student visa, you must not enter on a visit visa. You will not be able to study.

Universities are required by law to check that all their students have valid immigration permission for the UK.

If you are subject to UK immigration control, and therefore require a visa, or leave to remain, to either be in the UK or come to the UK, you will need to provide evidence of this at registration. If you have settlement rights, you will also need to upload copies of your immigration documents as we are required by UK Visas and Immigration to keep a record of this.

If you have or are applying for a Student Visa to study in the UK or have another immigration status (for example you may have a dependent or refugee visa) we are required to confirm your right to study in the UK as part of the registration process.

Get registered

To become a fully registered student you must complete all of the steps below – you need to do this before you can gain access to your course materials online.

You must make sure you are fully registered so that you are able to commence your studies. You will be allowed to register online and must complete all stages of registration including payment of tuition fees for you to be registered.

If you are a postgraduate taught student starting a course in January 2022 you must complete online registration by 31 January 2022.

If you are a postgraduate research student, you should register within 10 working days of the start date of your course.

You will set your password to gain access to your university email address and Pegasus.

Pegasus is where you'll complete online registration, where you can update your personal information, and where you can find out about your curriculum and your class results.

You will also need your DS username and password to access the university e-learning and library services.

Where will I find my DS username?

You will find your DS username in your registration email. You will only receive this after you have received your CAS and submitted your visa application, usually towards the end of August.

Your DS username will look something like this: xyz123456 

Get started

To set your password for the first time, or if you can’t remember it, simply reset your password.

Unique email address

As a new student, you’ll be given a unique university email address, which will stay with you for as long as you're with us at Strathclyde. This is the email address that the University will use to communicate with you while you're here so make sure you check it regularly!

Before the start of term, it’s important that you regularly check your personal email address too. We may still send important information to your personal email address, as not all students will be registered and have access to their university email at the same time.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be active for all new undergraduate students for the 21/22 academic year. MFA is the best way of keeping your account and your work secure and safe from scammers, and you will only have to authenticate for University Services when you are off campus. To register your devices for MFA and to find out more about it, visit the Student MFA Pages.

Please make arangements to pay your tuition fees before you complete registration, and make sure they're paid before you arrive at Strathclyde. You cannot pay in person when you're here.

You must check that your funding authority has paid your tuition fees.

Sponsored students must provide Finance with a copy of their signed sponsorship letter by scanning and emailing it to, quoting your registration number.

Important: All payments are subject to provision of accurate bank/building society details and all other details eg National Insurance number, as requested by your funding body.

More help

You’ll receive an email from us with information about how to get registered. Once online registration is open follow the steps below:

1. Logon to PEGASUS using your DS username and password that you have set up. You should see a screen similar to the one at the bottom of this section. You may have different criteria to complete depending on your circumstances.

2. Upload your photo. Please take a look at our photo guidelines before you upload.

3. Make sure you've completed all sections, and the red crosses have updated to green ticks. Follow the links on the right hand side of each section to complete your details. Please read the notes below on completing your Personal & Address Details to make sure you have provided full address information.

UK Visas and Immigration requirements/right to study checks

Document checks will take at least three days to complete at peak periods.

Student Visa

If you require a Student Visa to study in the UK and have been issued with a CAS, you are required to upload visa and immigration documents during registration. These will be reviewed by the Visa Compliance Team who will confirm your Right to Study/UKVI check (red cross to a green tick) on Pegasus once all documents have been checked. This may take a few days to complete due to the volume of registrations at peak periods.

Please read the information and instructions about what you need to upload carefully to ensure you submit all required information.

Other type of immigration permission (including settlement, dependent, Skilled worker, EUSS)

European Economic Area, Swiss nationals and their family members are now subject to immigration requirements which did not apply before the end of the post-Brexit transition period (which ended at 11pm on 31 December 2020). As a sponsor of International Student Visas, the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) department of government require us to ensure that all students have the right to study in the UK and to record the date on which immigration permission expires.

If you are EU/EEA/Swiss student and have pre-settled or settled status, please upload a screenshot confirming your immigration status, please also provide the share code so we can verify your status. You can do this by following the instructions here.

(Please Note: You need to choose ‘something else’ for requesting code, not work or rent-related. We require it for study).

Alternatively, please email with the share code providing your Date of Birth and Registration Number.

If you have another type of immigration permission, you will need to upload evidence of this along with a copy of your passport. If you have an Asylum Registration Card, you will also need to upload a copy.

Please read the information and instructions about what you need to upload. You do not need to upload the same documents as those that require a student visa, so do check this information carefully.

If you have any questions about what documents you need to provide, please contact us

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and students being allowed to register online, we are initially able to check your documents online but it is likely that you will have to make an appointment at a later date to present the originals of the documents that you have uploaded. You will be contacted when checks will need to be made. 

Personal details

In the 'addresses' section, please make sure you've added your accommodation type when updating your address. You must complete this to register. Here's how to do it:

  • scroll down to where your 'Home Address and Term Address (if applicable)' are listed
  • underneath these two addresses, you'll see a small paragraph with the following statement in bold “To amend your Home Address click here”. Click on this link
  • you should now be able to edit your Home Address, and you will also see a field for Home Accommodation Type
  • next to Home Accommodation Type, there's a box with an arrow pointing down. Click on the arrow to reveal a drop down menu of options eg (“Parent/Guardian’s home”, “Own house/apartment”, etc) and choose the one most relevant to your home address. You can also choose “Prefer not to say” if you do not wish to disclose this information
  • Once you've picked an option and confirmed your Home Address, you'll be able to confirm your Personal and Address Details and finish registration by clicking “Register Now"

4. Once all sections have green ticks click the “register now” button and accept the “Terms and Conditions” to complete your registration. Easy peasy!

If you have any trouble with our online registration process, please email and we'll be happy to help.

Congratulations! You're now a registered Strathclyder. Now all that's left to do is download our app.

The University of Strathclyde App provides real-time, on-the-go, anytime information to support you during your time with us. You'll need the App to access the library, see your timetable and get your exam results.


Your UKVI visa decision letter will tell you where to collect your BRP from. For further information about collecting your BRP, please follow the information on our BRP collection page.

You should register with the Police only if you are advised to do so by UK Visas and Immigration. The requirements to register with the Police may be shown on your Entry Clearance Vignette issued to allow you to enter the UK but not in all cases.

For more information about Police Registration or to access contact details for Police Scotland, whether you need to register for the first time or update your previous police registration, please refer to the link below.


Collecting your BRP

How to upload documents

How to upload your photo

Finance is here to help