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Applying for a Visa to Study in the UK



If you intend to apply for a Tier 4 visa outside the UK please find further guidance here:Student Visa Guide and a video talking you through the Tier 4 visa entry clearance application form here.  Please note that visa processing times vary by country and city of application, you can find out your estimnated visa processing time here.



If you intend to apply for a Tier 4 visa within the UK please find further guidance here: Visa Extensions.



If you intend to study as an Exchange or Study Abroad student you will find further guidance on visas here: Exchange and Study Abroad Students .    




Please check the menu on the right for our Immigration Update, as well as information on the Schengen visa, the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa and the Doctorate Extension Scheme.  



During your Studies     


During your studies you may receive an academic or Exam Board decision that will have implications for your Tier 4 visa.  You will find further information at Tier 4 and Exam Boards .    



If you hold a Tier 4 visa and intend to work in the UK it is important that you understand your permission to work.  You will find further information here.

Police Registration

If you have a Police Registration certificate it is important that you keep this up to date during your stay in the UK.  You will find further information here.

Inviting Family and Friends

If you wish to bring family members or friends to the UK, please check this webpage for our list of top queries.  You can also find a Sample Relatives Letter here.

Immigration Update

If you require a visa to study in the UK we advise you to check this Immigration Update regularly. The Update will provide you with important news on visas and immigration so that you can stay up-to-date with new rules and important information that could affect your stay in the UK.

Schengen Visa

If you would like to travel to Europe and you require a visa, please read our Schengen Visa Information.

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa

If you wish to remain in the UK after your studies are complete to develop a business idea, please read our

Doctorate Extension Scheme

If you wish to remain in the UK to work after your studies are complete and you are currently studying a PhD, please refer to the Doctorate Extension Scheme Guidance