Images of Research - Exploring the Unseen

The theme for Images of Research 2024 competition and exhibition is “Exploring the Unseen” and comprises five broad categories which cover the breadth of research at Strathclyde.

We want you to unlock the extraordinary in the ordinary. Dive into the hidden and the untold, exploring the realms of science, art, humanities, business or engineering. Capture the unseen and share your unique perspective. 

This overall theme for the exhibition encourages you to showcase visually captivating images or illustrations that highlight the hidden, often overlooked aspects of research.  

Whether through the lens of a microscope, data visualization, or artistic interpretation, we invite you to share a glimpse into the unseen world behind your research projects and showcase the real-world impact of what you do. 



Capturing Collaboration  

This category invites you to showcase the transformative power of collaboration and partnership working within the realms of research, knowledge exchange and innovation. 

Submissions for this category should show the various aspects of collaborative projects, highlighting diverse perspectives, teamwork, and interdisciplinary partnerships that lead to real-world impact. We welcome entries that depict knowledge exchange, the blending of expertise, and the smooth integration of ideas when individuals and teams collaborate to address complex challenges. 


Societal Spark 

Igniting change through innovation. This category centres on showcasing how research and innovation can bring about positive, real-world impact and tackle societal challenges. Entrants are encouraged to depict innovative projects reshaping communities, improving lives, and contributing to a more inclusive future through social innovation. It celebrates individuals and projects leading the way towards a better, more socially progressive world. 


Preserving Our Planet  

Entries in this category will show research and projects focused on lessening the impact of human activities on the environment. This may include a broad range of areas including environmental preservation, biodiversity conservation, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, waste management, and eco-friendly technologies amongst others. The category also welcomes projects supporting the University's goal to achieve Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2040 and create a greener, climate-resilient campus.


The Human Element 

The Human Element category shines a spotlight on research in the health, care and wellbeing space exploring the diversity of work in this area.   Entries for this category cover a wide range of topics from breakthroughs in medicine, insights into healthcare systems, aspects of patient care through to healthy aging, mental health, and innovations in healthcare technology. Submissions can also focus on innovative responses to global health challenges. 


Diamond Jubilee: Exploring the Unseen 

To celebrate Strathclyde’s Diamond Jubilee, we welcome entries into this open category that capture the unseen, highlight the hidden, and showcase the often-overlooked aspects of research.  Whether it's through the lens of a microscope, off campus field work, behind the scenes in a lab, data visualization, or artistic interpretation, we want you to reveal the behind the scenes of your research projects. With Strathclyde celebrating 60 years since Royal Charter, we aim to showcase the research that has taken place to create real-world impact across the last 6 decades and welcome historical and current images.