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Meet Our Staff


The Disability & Wellbeing Service comprises a range of advisers with specialist expertise in mental health, counselling, health and disability.

Ann Duncan is the Head of the Disability & Wellbeing Service.
Chris McKenzie, Disability & Wellbeing Manager
Colin Flynn, Disability & Wellbeing Manager

Disability Advisers
 assess individual students’ needs and help put any required support into place.

  • Gillian Mutch, Disability Adviser
  • Crystal Jolly, Disability Adviser
  • Clare Kennedy, Disability Adviser & Support Team Leader
  • Claire Rattray, Mental Health & Disability Adviser
  • Emily Price, Mental Health & Disability Adviser
  • Steven Paton, Disability Needs Assessor
  • Andy Edwards, Disability Needs Assessor
  • Douglas Ross, Staff Disability Adviser

Assistive Technology Support provides access to assistive software on campus, manages the Assistive Technology Resource Room in the library, and manages all Disability & Wellbeing data:

  • Carol Howieson, Systems & Technology Manager

Mental Health Advisers provide advice, support and guidance for coping with Mental Health and Wellbeing issues. They can assess individual students’ needs and help to put any required support into place.

  • Carla Rhodes, Mental Health Adviser
  • Alice McInally, Mental Health Adviser

The Early Intervention Team are the first point of contact for all students referring to the service for any mental health or wellbeing related need. They will contact all students referring to gather information, assess the student’s needs in more detail and explore how best the service can support the student.  

  • Sean McCann, Early Intervention Team Leader
  • Sarah Lockwood, Early Intervention Counsellor
  • Caroline Hunter, Early Intervention Counsellor
  • Ann-Louise Cheshire, Early Intervention Counsellor

Student Counsellors work with students who may be experiencing a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties to help them bring about effective change and/or enhance their wellbeing. Counsellors provide support via a range of mediums including one-to-one appointments, and Psycho-Educational Support programmes.

  • Catherine Hendrick, Counselling Team Leader
  • Diane Scott, Student Counsellor
  • Fiona Rae, Student Counsellor
  • Manisha Gosar, Student Counsellor
  • Karen Lafferty, Counselling Team Leader
  • Alison Hunter, Student Counsellor
  • Colin McKee, Student Counsellor
  • Mark McGinney, Student Counsellor
  • Uzma Durrani, Counselling Team Leader
  • Saliha Anjum, Student Counsellor
  • Cara Milor, Student Counsellor
  • Ann-Louise Cheshire, Student Counsellor
  • Brett Buchanan, Counselling Team Leader
  • Gillian Dinnie, Student Counsellor
  • Laura Coutts, Student Counsellor
  • Mairead Hutchison, Student Counsellor
  • Marie Stewart, Student Counsellor
  • Pam Lanza, Student Counsellor
  • Leanne Lonsdale, Peer Wellbeing Support Worker
  • Katerina Goros, Peer Wellbeing Support Worker

General Health Support is provided by:

  • Denise McElroy, Health & Wellbeing Adviser

Mentoring Support is provided by:

  • Emma Smith, Study Support Assistant
  • Jack Vickridge, Study Support Assistant
  • Scott Cowan, Study Support Assistant
  • Sharon Gascoigne, Study Support Assistant

The work of the advisers is closely supported by our Administration Team who provide a reception service, arrange appointments, deal with enquiries and ensure the smooth running of the service:

  • Lesley-Anne Kerr, Disability & Wellbeing Administration Coordinator
  • Mairi MacLennan, Administration Assistant
  • Debbie Thornton, Student Services Assistant
  • Laura McLung, Student Services Assistant
  • Lauren Jones, Student Services Assistant