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Meet Our Staff

The Disability & Wellbeing Service has a range of advisers with specialist expertise in mental health, counselling, health and disability

Ann Duncan is the Head of the Disability & Wellbeing Service.

Disability Advisers assess individual students’ needs and help put any required support in place. Our advisers are:

  • Chris McKenzie, Disability & Wellbeing Manager
  • Gillian Mutch, Disability Adviser
  • Crystal Jolly, Disability Adviser
  • Clare Kennedy, Disability Adviser
  • Claire Rattray, Mental Health & Disability Adviser
  • Emily Price, Mental Health & Disability Adviser
  • Steven Paton, Disability Needs Assessor
  • Andy Edwards, Disability Needs Assessor

Assistive Technology Support provides access to assistive software on campus, manages the Assistive Technology Resource Room in the library, and manages all Disability & Wellbeing data:

  • Carol Howieson, Systems & Technology Manager

Wellbeing Advisers provides advice, support and guidance for coping with Mental Health and Wellbeing issues. The Wellbeing team consists of Mental Health Advisers and Counsellors:

  • Colin Flynn, Disability & Wellbeing Manager
  • Carla Rhodes, Mental Health Adviser
  • Alice McInally, Mental Health Adviser
  • Silvia Piccinini, Student Counsellor
  • Sarah Lockwood, Student Counsellor
  • Lesley McColl, Student Counsellor
  • Audrey Murray, Student Counsellor
  • Brett Buchanan, Student Counsellor
  • Gillian Dinnie, Student Counsellor
  • Cara Millor, Student Counsellor
  • Saliha Anjum, Student Counsellor
  • Katherine Foster, Student Counsellor
  • Malcolm McMillan, Student Counsellor
  • Mairead O'Keefe, Student Counsellor
  • Graham Hill, Student Counsellor

General Health Support is provided by:

  • Denise McElroy, Health & Wellbeing Adviser

The work of the advisers is closely supported by our Administration Team who provide a reception service, arrange appointments, deal with enquiries and ensure the smooth running of the service:

  • Lesley-Anne Kerr, Disability & Wellbeing Administration Coordinator
  • Mairi MacLennan, Administration Assistant
  • Debbie Thornton, Student Services Assistant
  • Laura McLung, Student Services Assistant
  • Lauren Jones, Student Services Assistant