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Wenhan Cao, International student from China, laughing off camera while sitting in a lab wearing a blue lab coat and lab glasses
The Strathclyde community is very professional, and friendly. They provided me with all the help I've needed and made my research journey easier and happier.
Wenhan Cao, Chemical & Process Engineering PhD
Maryam Derkani, Chemical & Process Engineering PhD graduate, Rottenrow Gardens
The University has brand new state-of-the-art facilities across the engineering faculty, which allows you to undertake world-class research on a wide range of subjects."
Dr Maryam Derkani, Chemical & Process Engineering PhD
Nefertari Robertson, Marketing PhD student
I am extremely pleased with the support and mentoring within the Business School as well as the communication across departments for access to seminars, conferences and extra skills workshops.
Nefertari Robertson, Marketing PhD
Ashlee Espinoza, PhD student
I would definitely recommend Strathclyde. The quality of the education is fantastic and there are so many opportunities to apply your work, collaborate with industry and feel like you’re helping to create change.
Ashlee Espinoza
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Zi Yang, PhD Law student
Strathclyde encourages critical thinking. During the seminars, students have the opportunities to share their views based on their cultural background, experiences and readings. This communication inspires the students to understand the world from different angles.
Zi Yang
Law PhD