COP26 Legacy Strategy
World-leading research

Overall objective: lead and contribute to world leading research addressing the challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation and sustainable development.

Complex and wicked challenges such as climate change and sustainability require cross sectoral and inter/transdisciplinary approaches. In recognition of this, the University will continue to support and strengthen our partnerships and collaborations to make the greatest impact towards rapid and just transformations both locally and internationally. Our research will continue to be focussed on seven strategic themes which embed principles of sustainable development and social impact.

Supported by our Strathclyde Centre for Sustainable Development, we will also drive our research on the following principles, and will engage with and support staff at all stages to achieve these through events, training and toolkits:

  • Ensure all of our research and associated staff and students are conversant with the pertinent issues related to climate change and sustainable development.
  • Ensure our research, wherever possible, contributes towards knowledge, understanding and action to attain necessary progress towards the climate action and sustainable development targets.
  • Ensure where ever possible that we share our research and outputs openly to support rapid acceleration of sustainable development and climate solutions.
  • Ensure that all research considers the potential positive and negative impacts (both direct and indirect) it may have on both climate change and sustainable development both in the focus of the work, and the way in which the work is undertaken.
  • Wherever appropriate work with our local (community), institutional, national and international partners across all sectors and disciplines to drive rapid progress towards the climate action and sustainable development targets.
  • Embrace the complex interactions and inter¬¨dependencies of the challenges associated with climate change and sustainable development, and collaborate across disciplines to add value and impact to our work.
  • Co-create and evaluate our research activities together with our partners across all stages of work to ensure context appropriateness, best use of expertise and insight, equity and sustainability;
  • Stay alert to the rapidly changing global context, especially as the full impact and implications of the COVID-19 crisis are better understood
  • Promote a culture of sharing and learning that allows people to talk openly about the fundamental challenges to progress and about when things go wrong.