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Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management Continuing Professional Development

We're a leading provider of continuing professional development (CPD) programmes which are designed to meet the needs of professionals within the industry and equip them with the relevant skills and knowledge to be a true asset to employers.

We offer a range of executive awareness and practitioner courses including courses in the following areas:

Excellence in Engineering Project Management Developed in partnership with industry, this programme equips you with best practice tools and techniques to manage all aspects of a project.
Lean Thinking We'll help your organisation become a waste free Lean thinking organisation
Lean Six Sigma  We can help your organisation achieve operational excellence
Design of Experiments Fundamentals This programme can optimise product designs and manufacturing processes 
Innovation Days Creative workshops to help your business break through the innovation barrier

Developing a Visual Strategy 

This enables organisations to link strategic goals and operational implementation to become more adaptive and responsive
Resourcing Forecasting Workshop  On this programme, we present a novel approach for improved resource planning

We offer courses to suit your business needs, from personalised training material to the delivery of training at your own premises.