elderly couple sits together looking out at a lake

PsychologyHealth psychology & behavioural medicine

We develop, test and apply psychological theory to help our understanding of behaviours that influence health and wellbeing throughout people's lives.

Health, social, educational and cognitive psychologists work together on the research. Our aim is to deliver research which improves the health and wellbeing of communities.

Our researchers

Our staff are at the forefront of health psychology and behaviour change research and we have a wealth of expertise in many different subject areas.

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Areas of interest

Here are some of the areas of interest our researchers specialise in:

  • chronic illness
  • disability
  • theory testing
  • measurement of health
  • ageing
  • social cognition models
  • past behaviour and habits
  • motivational and volitional processes underpinning action initiation and maintenance in relation to driver behaviour´╗┐
  • suicide and self-harm
  • adolescent well-being
  • autobiographical memory
  • perfectionism
  • eating and weight issues, including family mealtime interaction and weight management treatments
  • identity management in everyday interaction