Business innovation & networks: our PhD students

Our PhD students & topics

Marwa Aly, “Understanding Market Dynamics in the Conditions of Permanent Liminality” (Jafari, A. Doherty, A.M)

Tugce Ozgen Genc, “Margin to Mainstream: Using Engagement to change entrenched consumption practices.” (Wilson, J.)

Katy Gordon, “Encouraging an entrepreneurial approach to individual, household and community health & wellbeing.” (Wilson, J.)

Sujenthini Saitta, “Marketing - impacts for a chemical B2B company through the introduction of a new strategic marketing model - A one-group pretest-posttest design.” (Wilson, J., Doherty, A.M)  

Yuanyuan Zhou, “Theories of consumer behaviour, decision making, emotions, beliefs, uncertainty and the theory of planned behaviour.” (Wilson, J.)

Amira Battle, “Normalizing sustainable fashion: An exploration of how social media is used for sustainable behaviour change” (Davies. I.A., Doherty, A.M)

Rodney Mwenje “Customer Brand Engagement and Value Co-creation: The Role of Automated Technologies” (Doherty, A.M)

Archareeporn, Thanvarachorn,When Engagement is for Self-Presentation: The Role and Impact of the Ideal-self in Social Media” (Doherty, A.M)

Lucina Odoi “The Role of Prosumers in the Sharing Economy: An Institutional Theory Perspective” (Doherty, A.M)

Gabriela Dlugolecka, “Open Innovation across functional boundaries” REA Scholarship (Wagner, B).

Gautam Tewari “Innovation in an Operational Environment: Managing Ideation and Innovation Platform Systems. Commencing September 2020 JARA scholarship. (Wagner, B).

William Jefferson Vieira de Souza. Impact of disruptive Technologies’ on supply chain Innovation: a focus on Sustainability. SEA Scholarship (Wagner, B)

Lucina Odoi

Isaac Frimpong “Corporate Social Responsibility as a Marketing Communication Tool; Telecommunication Companies in Ghana” [MH] -Isaac is an MPhil-

Gertrude Ugwu “Open Data Semantic Web and Linked Data in Financial Services Companies”

PhD Completions

Claudia Smith, “Impact of Entrepreneurial Identity on Founder Use of Online Networks,” successfully defended her thesis, 2018. (Wilson, J.)

Emma Reid, “Investigation into the Dynamics of B2B Marketing in Audience Development”, successfully defended her thesis, successfully defended her thesis, November 2016.  (Wilson, J.)

Katherine Duffy, “The construction of community through consumer resistance in the Glasgow craft and vintage community”, successfully defended her thesis, 2014. (Wilson, J.)

Lu Huang, 2019, “Open innovation adoption from strategy to practice: implications from organisational ambidexterity and dynamic capabilities” (Wagner, B., Doherty, A.M)

Laila Kasem, Internationalisation and Learning Outcomes: The Case of Syrian Firms, University of Strathclyde, 2016 (Doherty, A.M.)

Michael Schellenberg, 2017, “Investigation into internationalisation decision making approaches. An exploratory study of German HTSMEs” (Jafari, A, Harker, M.J.)

Khandker Nahin Mamun, 2015, “Examining Capability Enactment of UK SMEs in International Opportunities Seizure” (Jafari, A.)

Natalie MacDougall, 2017, Explicating Natural-Resource-Based View Capabilities: A dynamic framework for competitive advantage and innovative sustainable supply chain management. (Wagner, B).

Alexandre Metreveli. 2016. “ Value (Co) Creation in Third Party Logistics Outsourcing Relationships”, (Wagner,B)

Stuart McKinven. 2015. “Exploring Open Innovation in a slow clockspeed context: Evidence from the Oil and Gas Industry”. (Wagner,B)