Policies, guidance documents and resources

Space Planning has developed a number of policies to ensure the alignment of proposed changes to the University estate within the Universitiy's Strategic Plan:

Space Management Policy Document Statement of Need Guidance Departmental Occupancy Survey Guidance Notes
Vacating Rooms Policy Key Facts and Figures Teledir admin workplace location guidance
PGR workplace location guidance Staff workplace location guidance  

 A number of web portals and resources are also available:

Department Accommodation Survey Building Record Drawings Portal All Rooms and Room Functions
TIC - Shared Room Faculty of Engineering Shared Rooms Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Shared Rooms
Faculty of Science Shared Rooms Strathclyde Business School Shared Rooms  

Departmental Accommodation Survey

This web portal has two purposes:

Operational: For all members of staff to check and ensure that the details of the office, teaching room or laboratory etc. are up to date and accurate

Strategic: For Heads of Department and designated administrators to ensure that the record of rooms allocated to each department is accurate for the previous Academic Year. This record is processed annually by Space Planning and sent to the Finance Office for the Resource Allocation Model.

Building Record Drawings

This is a list of record drawings managed by Space Planning containing basic floor plans, hatched floor plans illustrating department room allocations and building elevations. Each drawing is available in both Autocad .dwg format and pdf.

The coloured building plans are also available by clicking on the relevant room number within the Department Accommodation survey.

To view and/or mark up the Autocad drawings you should download Autocad Design Review software here: http://usa.autodesk.com/design-review/download/

Space Planning strives to ensure that the record drawings are as accurate as possible so if you notice any inaccuracies please email a marked up drawing or description to David Knox.

University of Strathclyde Room List

This is a simplified view of the space management database that contains a list of rooms by building, department and function which can be filtered by building and department. Coloured plans of buildings illustrating department room allocations can be accessed by clicking on the relevant room number.

Shared Room Portals

Where rooms are occupied by staff or students from multiple departments and/or faculties it is now possible for these to be identified and shared in the space management database based on the names of all room occupants. Workstations within these rooms are numbered and allocated to students by Department Telephone Directory Administrators. There are currently five shared room portals, one for TIC and one each for each Faculty.