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Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical SciencesDrug discovery, formulation and delivery

The mission of the Drug Discovery, Formulation and Delivery team is to push traditional boundaries in pharmaceutical sciences. We have a broad spectrum of expertise including, but not limited to advanced drug delivery technologies (e.g. nanomedicines), routes of administration (e.g. oral, ocular, lung, intravenous), therapeutic targets (tumour, immune system), chemistry (novel drugs, surface functionlisation) and natural products (lead compounds).

Research Group Members

Dr. Luis M Bimbo

Visiting Researcher

My research interests lie in developing novel engineered materials for advanced drug delivery systems, such as supramolecular hydrogels, porous silicon and porous polymers, and drug nanocrystals. I have specialized in formulation development and pharmaceutical engineering, with a strong emphasis on leveraging functional materials properties to target molecular aspects of human disease

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Dr. Valerie Ferro

Senior Lecturer

The Ferro Research Group consists of a multi-disciplinary team, focussing primarily on the development of mucosal drug delivery systems to enable delivery of vaccines and drugs. Recent innovations have utilised microfluidics to produce size-controlled nanoparticles; molecular dynamic simulations to gain understanding of drug and nanoparticle interactions and exosomes derived from cancer cells to change the behaviour of other cell types.

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Zahra Rattray

Dr. Zahra Rattray

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

My lab is interested in using a translational and interdisciplinary approach for delivering the next generation of anticancer drugs. Understanding the biological fate of medicines and how they interact with various tissue types can aid the development of new and effective medicines with improved targeting and reduced adverse effects. We are particularly interested in characterizing how nanomedicines and biologics interact with biological systems using novel analytical pipelines.

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Philipp Seib

Dr. Philipp Seib

Senior Lecturer

Our research mission can be divided into bottom up, curiosity-driven fundamental research and top-down, challenge-based activities: the common thread to these activities are biomaterials, especially silk. Current research in the Seib lab spans the nano- to macro scale in the examination of silk for use in drug and cell delivery.

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Veronique Seidel

Dr. Veronique Seidel

Senior Lecturer


Dr Seidel leads the Natural Products Drug Discovery Group. Her research is focused on the isolation and structure elucidation of novel and biologically active chemical scaffolds from natural sources. Her current research interest is on the discovery of new antimicrobial agents from medicinal plants and products from the beehive, including honey and propolis. She is the convenor of the SIPBS Athena SWAN group and a member of the Phytochemical Society of Europe.

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Professor Alex Mullen

Professor of Pharmacy Practice


The Mullen Research Group is a multi-disciplinary team, blending clinical and drug delivery expertise.  The team frequently uses clinical observation to identify unmet patient needs and to drive innovation in the development of medicines in these therapeutic areas. 

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Professor Simon MacKay

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Design, synthesis and evaluation of small drug-like molecules using chemical biology and medicinal chemistry approaches to validate protein and nucleic acid targets implicated in human diseases.

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Dr. Katharine Carter

Senior Lecturer

Research in the Carter group currently focuses on (i) using a platform vesicular drug delivery system to improve the treatment of lung cancer and leishmaniasis and (ii) development of a vaccine to protect against leishmaniasis, as there is no clinical vaccine against this neglected disease.

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Dr. Christine Dufès

Reader in Nanomedicine

Research in the Dufès Laboratory is focussed on the development of targeted drug-based and gene-based nanomedicines for cancer therapy and brain delivery.  Christine is Director of the SIPBS Postgraduate School and Trustee of the British Society of Nanomedicine.

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Dr. RuAngelie Edrada-Ebel

Senior Lecturer


The Edrada-Ebel research focuses on Natural Products Metabolomics. Her research team develops analytical spectroscopic methodologies to efficiently detect and optimise the production of interesting microbial secondary metabolites during cultivation and bioprocessing that would assist in maintaining or enhancing synthesis of the desired bioactive compounds and easing targeted isolation of bioactive compounds.

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Professor Gavin Halbert

Professor, Director of the Cancer Research Formulation Unit

Pharmaceutical scientist with broad research interests aimed at ensuring adequate drug exposure is achieved at the target site after administration of a medicinal product, covering areas such as advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing, biopharmaceutical properties and medicinal and analytical chemistry.

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Dr. David Watson


My research focuses on metabolite profiling in humans and model systems in relation to health and disease by using high resolution mass spectrometry. Also I am interested in bee propolis as a source of anti-microbial and immunomodulatory compounds.

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Professor Clive Wilson

Research Professor

Current projects are concerned with ocular drug delivery; ocular implants for treating macular degeneration; intestinal media and effects on drug dissolution; buccal drug delivery and regional drug delivery; wound repair & melt electrospinning.

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Professor Yvonne Perrie


Research within my group is focused on the formulation and development of nanomedicines and vaccines using flexible and adaptive platforms, which can be scaled up and down in a rapidly responsive mode. Using our expertise in liposome and nanoparticle formulation, we are designing vaccine adjuvants tailored to offer the required immune response for a given pathogen/infection.

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Professor Hannah Batchelor


Research focuses on the design and manipulation of medicines to create age appropriate drug formulations to maximise clinical efficacy in paediatric patients.  This encompasses pharmaceutical science as well as clinical evaluations of medicines administered to children.

Hannah is passionate about involving children and young people in research and undertakes a lot of public engagement activity.

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