Mathematics & StatisticsPhD Theses

Supervisor: Prof. Bill Gurney

Steven Blythe Simple Age-Structured Models of Laboratory Insect Populations 1982
T.K. Stokes Long Term Changes in a Laboratory Population 1985
A.E. Jones Stage-Structured Insect Population Models of Larval Competition 1988
Graeme Ruxton Density Dependence in the Functional Response: Causes and Consequences 1992
Alex Ross Fjordic Ecosystem Models 1993
David Middleton Persistance of Managed Populations: simple models and an application 1993
Helen Dobby Modelling fish feeding and digestion 1995
Kieran Hyder Simple Mathematical Models of Semibalanus balanoides 1996
Lorna Taylor Meteorological and Tidal Forcing of Loch Linnhe, a Scottish Sea-loch 1997
Alasdair Hind Modelling Seal Energetics 1998
Isla Cruickshank The Dynamics of Ecological Invasions and Epidemics 1998
Eileen Bresnan The Effects of Light and Nutrients on the Cell Cycle of the Diatom: Chaetoceros Simplex Var. Calcitrans 2000
Raymond Gani Modelling Environment Dependent Growth of Juvenile Atlantic Salmon 2000
Wayne Jones Modelling the Growth and Resource Allocation Dynamics of Juvenile Salmon 2001
Jessica Bridson The Effect of Fishing on the Evolution of North Sea Cod 2001
Steven Holmes Turbulent Flows and Simple Behaviours 2001


Supervisor: Prof. Bill Gurney/Dr Douglas Speirs

Cody Needle Fleet dynamics in fisheries management strategy evaluations 2011

Supervisor: Professor Eddie McKenzie

Enrique Portilla Improving Egg production estimates using multi-stages eggs 2005
Traiani Stari Seasonal Stability in Time Series of Zooplankton Abundance 2010