Code List 10 Contents

Code list 10 contains a number of different types of codes. These are split into different lists as follows:

10a Codes for use in recording progress and successful completion, undergraduate and postgraduate, decode of codes currently and recently in use. 
10b Details of courses and degrees which have 'standard' alternative awards set up and the assessment codes which indicate these awards.
10c Codes for use in recording distinctions, merits etc
10d Codes for use in the Xtras field of assessment entry
10e Codes for use in marks entry


Note that there is a relationship between the codes used in assessment entry - list 10A - and the reason for termination codes in Code List 11.

For undergraduates and some (Education) postgraduates, an assessment code beginning with 5 or D which is entered before the bulk processing is run will generate a termination (reason for leaving) code of 10 (award). In ug_ and pg_termin, successful completion is indicated by the entry of an assessment code from list 10A, which then creates a termination (reason for leaving) code of 10.

In ug_ and pg_termin, unsuccessful completion is indicated by the entry of the appropriate termination (reason for leaving) code and an assessment of A0 is created by the system (in June or September for ug's, always June for pg's).

Note also that termination procedures - whether bulk or individual - also update the student's registration status for the session to completed (termination code 10) or terminated (all other termination codes), and that this should only be done for the last session in which the student was registered.

Thus, if an assessment indicating successful completion is entered for a student, which will then be picked up by bulk processing, and that student already has a record for a subsequent session, it will be necessary to delete the next session record (erase_progress_validation) - or reconsider the session in which the assessment is being entered.