Code List 11

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When you are terminating a student record because it is a duplicate, ie the student has another record for the same course, we have termination code 99 which reports correctly to HESA that the record was redundant.

99 Redundant record, usually a duplicate

Successful completion
All assessment codes for successful completion- ie those commencing with 5, D, A5 and 45 - can be used in "decision entry" as appropriate and generate the reason for termination:

10 Award 

Voluntary withdrawal
The following codes are to be used in "decision entry" for voluntary withdrawal from a course and generate an assessment code of A0 (zero).

21 illness - physical
22 illness - mental
23 personal reasons
24 financial reasons (see also 44, below)
25 academic difficulties (see also 42, below)
26 deceased - see documentation on death of a student for further action to be taken
27 transferred to another institution
32 course unsuitable
33 dissatisfaction with course
34 going into employment
35 pressure of existing employment
28 reasons unknown
29 other reasons

Declined to register
Where a student had a resit decision at the June diet and has been permitted to continue at the August diet (whether suspended, repeating etc) but then does not return, he/she should be registered in the new session (zero fees) and then terminated (at 01 October) using the code:

31 declined to register

Compulsory withdrawal
Where the student is required to withdraw the following codes should be used:

41 Disciplinary reasons
42 Academic failure
43 Maximum period expired
44 Financial reasons *
46 Tier 4 compliance reasons
47 Not fit to practice

*This code is typically used when a student has been de-registered for non-payment of fees and has not been re-registered by the end of the session. The student should be terminated at the end of the session. The fee amount should not be changed.