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The Graduate School brings together Postgraduate Research Students from the variety of disciplines within the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.


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    Why is Volunteering Important to Society?

    Social Work & Social Policy Seminar (Zoom) Presenter: Matthew Linning (Volunteer Scotland)


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Education - our research

Research in education places a strong emphasis on collaboration and cross-disciplinary working. 

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English - our research

Our research in English language and literature covers all periods from the Renaissance to the present day.

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History - our research

We have wide-ranging strengths and interests in history research. We look closely at the early modern and modern periods.

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Journalism, media & communication - our research

Our research is focused on four key areas; gender, polical communications, social media and media, health, wellbeing and trauma.

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Politics - our research

Our researchers are among the very best in their field. We welcome visiting scholars, postdoctoral researchers and often invite external speakers to take part in our seminar and lecture series.

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Psychology - our research

Our research explores useful areas such as health, education and human behaviour.

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Social work and social policy - our research

Our research helps shape social work policy and practice through partnerships with national and international agencies.

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Speech & language therapy - our research

We offer a range of full or part time PhD and MPhil pathways to suit your qualifications and interests, including Speech and Language Therapy, Applied Linguistics and Public Health.

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Physical activity for health - our research

Our research is focused on the development and testing of interventions that encourage people to participate in more physical activity and less sedentary behaviour across the lifespan.

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