Graduates from the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Humanities & Social Sciences Undergraduate

Our undergraduates have a wide choice of innovative courses with a contemporary focus. We produce graduates who make an impact on the world. With more than 4,000 undergraduates from across the globe, students have the chance to develop skills for different scenarios with a diverse range of people.

Our faculty has significant expertise in developing professionals for today's society. We are home to one of Scotland's top law schools and we are Scotland's largest provider of teacher education.

Bachelor of Arts degree - our flexible option

With our BA (Honours) degree you can choose subjects from humanities, social sciences and business, as long as two of your three subject choices are taught by the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. The Bachelor degree is a three year course and the Honours degree is normally a four year course. More details on the structure of the programme is available in our undergraduate prospectus.

This allows you to try new subjects you may not have studied before, develop your own ideas and enhance your employability by gaining new skills.

Within the BA (Honours) degree you can study the following subjects:

  • Education
  • English
  • English and Creative Writing
  • French
  • History
  • Journalism, Media & Communication
  • Law
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Social Policy
  • Spanish

First year: study three academic subjects in first year, amounting to 120 credits.
Second year: specialise in two of these subjects.
Third year: continue with two subjects from Year 2, or focus on one, depending on whether you are thinking about Joint or Single Honours.
Fourth year: Honours year.

Check out the subjects you can study together:

Subject Combinations

English, English and Creative Writing, History, Politics and International Relations and Psychology may be studied to Single or Joint Honours level.

Education, French, Spanish, Law, Journalism, Media and Communication, Economics, HRM, Marketing, Mathematics, Tourism, and Social Policy are available only as Joint Honours Programmes.

For full information on subject combinations, check out our prospectus >>

Enter the teaching profession

Students who want to enter the teaching profession as primary school teachers may choose to study BA (Hons) Primary Education as a single honours subject. Alternatively, students in Scotland may apply for the postgraduate routes into teaching (PGDE) following an undergraduate degree.

Other undergraduate degrees available 

Outwith the BA we have a range of additional study options including, but not limited to, the BSc Psychology and CounsellingBA Education and Sport and the BA (Hons) Education and TESOL

For a full list of undergraduate options, please explore our prospectus.