Code Lists


Code List 2 Student Classification
Code List 7b Country Codes
Code List 11 Reasons for Termination
Appendix to Code List 18 Suffixes for use in student curriculum records
PGCE Subjects PGCE Subjects

Code List 10 Contents
Code List 10a Codes for use in recording progress and successful completion, undergraduate and postgraduate, decode of codes currently and recently in use.
Code List 10b Alternative Awards - Details of courses and degrees which have 'standard' alternative awards set up and the assessment codes which indicate these awards.
Code List 10c Distinction and Distinction Subject Codes - Codes for use in recording distinctions, merits etc
Code List 10d The Xtra field - Codes for use in the Xtras field of assessment entry
Code List 10e Mark Entry - Codes for use in marks entry