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EconomicsApplied macroeconomics

Our research examines how the economy performs and evolves at a national level, with a particular focus on applications to real-world challenges facing policymakers and business.

Areas of research include macro-modelling of the UK and Scottish economies, policy evaluation, fiscal analysis, and labour markets.

Research in applied macroeconomics has been a key activity of the Department of Economics for almost four decades. Our aim is to develop evidence-based theoretical models and to provide theory-informed and policy-relevant research, which is associated with high-level, high impact knowledge exchange.

Example publications

The gains from economic integration
Comerford David, Rodriguez Mora Jose V.
Economic Policy, (2018)

Students' consumption expenditures in economic impact studies: assumptions revisited in an input–output approach for Scotland
Hermannsson, K., McGregor, P. G. & Swales, J. K., 8 Feb 2018, In : Regional Studies, Regional Science. 5, 1, p. 57-77 21 p.

The long-term economic implications of Brexit for Scotland: an interregional analysis
Figus, G., Lisenkova, K., McGregor, P.Roy, G. & Swales, K., 28 Dec 2017, In : Papers in Regional Science. 25 p.

Migration and fiscal policy as factors explaining the labour market resilience of UK regions to the Great Recession
Bell, D. N. F. & Eiser, D., 1 Mar 2016, In : Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society. 9, 1, p. 197-215 19 p.

Political uncertainty and stock market volatility : new evidence from the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum
Darby JuliaRoy Graeme
Scottish Journal of Political Economy, (2018)

The output gap: what is it, how can it be estimated and are estimates fit for policy makers’ purposes?
Julia Darby and Stuart McIntyre
Fraser of Allander Institute Economic Commentary 48(2) June, pages 45-50 (2018)


The economic impact of changes in alcohol consumption in the UK - Connolly, Kevin (Principal Investigator) 2017

The impact of non-energy policies on the energy system - Roy, Graeme (Principal Investigator) Allan, Grant (Co-investigator) Turner, Karen (Co-investigator) Ross, Andrew (Researcher) Period 01-Jul-2017 - 31-Dec-2018

2013 – 2015: The Constitutional Future of Scotland and the United Kingdom, ESRC

Knowledge Exchange Projects

“Developing a CGE model for Northern Ireland” – project for Northern Ireland Executive (G. Figus, P. McGregor & Graeme Roy)