EconomicsApplied macroeconomics

Our research examines how the economy performs and evolves at a national and regional level, with a particular focus on applications to real-world challenges facing policymakers and business.

Research in applied macroeconomics has been a key activity of the Department of Economics for almost four decades. Our aim is to develop evidence-based theoretical models and to provide theory-informed and policy-relevant research, which is associated with high-level, high impact knowledge exchange.

Researchers in applied macroeconomics are broadly organised in three themes: applying and developing cutting edge econometric techniques to measure, monitor and analyse the economy; climate change and energy which looks at the interaction of climate and monetary and fiscal policies; regional accounting and modelling applied to a wide spectrum of regional policies ranging from trade, poverty and labour.

Example publications


Knowledge Exchange Projects


  • Addressing Data Gaps in Northern Ireland to Enhance the Availability of UK-wide Data. Principal Investigator: Connolly, K., Co-Investigator: Davidson, S.N., Funded by HMT's Economic Data Innovation Fund.  Lead Partners: Northern Ireland Office, Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency and Department for the Economy Northern Ireland.
  • Investigating the potential economy wide impacts of energy efficiency improvements in Northern Ireland. Principal Co-Investigators: Connolly K., Figus G. Lead Partners: Northern Ireland Department for the Economy, Energy Division