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Economics Applied macroeconomics

Our research examines how the economy performs and evolves at a national level, with a particular focus on applications to real-world challenges facing policymakers and business.

Research in applied macroeconomics has been a key activity of the Department of Economics for almost four decades. Our aim is to develop evidence-based theoretical models and to provide theory-informed and policy-relevant research, which is associated with high-level, high impact knowledge exchange.

Researchers in the Department have extensive expertise in applied multi-sectoral macroeconomic modelling, especially at the regional level such as Input-Output and Computable General Equilibrium, economic accounts, regional nowcasting and Vector Autoregression models. Recent applications include the distributional impact of fiscal policies and fiscal devolution, tourism, trade, regional GDP measurement, and the links between energy, environment and the economy.

Example publications


Knowledge Exchange Projects

  • Davidson, S.N. (2020) Consultant with the European Central Bank’s Directorate General Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability on a project assessing the Nonlinear Effects of Bank Vulnerability Shocks on Euro Area Countries
  • Davidson, S.N. and Spowage, M. (2021) Improving the Quality of Regional Economic Indicators in the UK: A Framework for Interregional Trade Data Collection & Estimation, ESCoE Technical Report Series [ESCoE TR 13] Funded by the: Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence