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EconomicsApplied macroeconomics

Our research examines how the economy performs and evolves at a national level, with a particular focus on applications to real-world challenges facing policymakers and business.

Areas of research include macro-modelling of the UK and Scottish economies, policy evaluation, fiscal analysis, and labour markets.

Research in applied macroeconomics has been a key activity of the Department of Economics for almost four decades. Our aim is to develop evidence-based theoretical models and to provide theory-informed and policy-relevant research, which is associated with high-level, high impact knowledge exchange.

Example publications

Allan, G., Figus, G., McGregor, P. G., & Swales, J. K. (2020). Resilience in a behavioural/Keynesian regional model. Environment and Planning A.

Koop, G., McIntyre, S., Mitchell, J., & Poon, A. (2020). Regional output growth in the United Kingdom: More timely and higher frequency estimates from 1970. Journal of Applied Econometrics.

Chan, J. C., Clark, T. E., & Koop, G. (2018). A new model of inflation, trend inflation, and long‐run inflation expectations. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

Figus, G., Lecca, P., McGregor, P., & Turner, K. (2019). Energy efficiency as an instrument of regional development policy? The impact of regional fiscal autonomy. Regional Studies.

Koop, G., & Korobilis, D. (2014). A new index of financial conditions. European Economic Review.


The economic impact of changes in alcohol consumption in the UK - Connolly, Kevin (Principal Investigator) 2017

2013 – 2015: The Constitutional Future of Scotland and the United Kingdom, ESRC

Knowledge Exchange Projects

“Developing a CGE model for Northern Ireland” – project for Northern Ireland Executive (G. Figus, P. McGregor & Graeme Roy)