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EconomicsApplied microeconomics

Our research examines both theoretical and empirical questions in applied microeconomics, the papers resulting from which are published in leading international journals.

A core aim of our theoretical research is to better understand the interaction between firms, consumers and governments in different strategic environments and, consequently, to understand the implications for economic policy. Our investigations mainly focus on the areas of international trade, public economics and industrial organisation.

Our empirical microeconomics research uses modern econometric techniques to investigate important questions of policy relevance in the fields of health, education, crime, migration, development and labour.

Example publications

Brücker, H., Glitz, A., Lerche, A., & Romiti, A. (2020). Occupational recognition and immigrant labor market outcomes. Journal of Labor Economics.

Norris, J. (2020). Peers, parents, and attitudes about school. Journal of Human Capital.

Dickson, A., & Fongoni, M. (2019). Asymmetric reference-dependent reciprocity, downward wage rigidity, and the employment contract. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Ferrett, B., Hoefele, A., & Wooton, I. (2019). Does tax competition make mobile firms more footloose? Canadian Journal of Economics.

Dickson, A., MacKenzie, I. A., & Sekeris, P. G. (2018). Rent-seeking incentives in share contests. Journal of Public Economics.

Alfano, M. (2017). Daughters, dowries, deliveries: The effect of marital payments on fertility choices in India. Journal of Development Economics.

Gehrsitz, M. (2017). Speeding, punishment, and recidivism: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design. The Journal of Law and Economics.

Lenhart, O. (2017). Do higher minimum wages benefit health? Evidence from the UK. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.


Class Size and Human Capital Accumulation - Nuffield Foundation, 03/19-02/21 (Gehrsitz, M. (PI), McIntyre, S. and Roy, G).

The roles of provinces and devolved administrations in the negotiation and implementation of a Canada-UK trade agreement - ESRC, 06/18-06/19 (Wooton, I. (PI), Eiser, D. and Roy, G.).

Knowledge exchange projects

Research to estimate the cost of a child in Scotland- Scottish Government, 05/18-08/18 (Roy, G. (PI), McInally, L and McIntyre, S).

Econometric Evaluation of HIE and SE Grants - Scottish Enterprise, 12/18-05/19 (McIntyre, S. (PI), Gehrsitz, M. and Roy, G.)