EconomicsEnergy & the environment

Members of the department apply economic techniques to explore the links between energy and environmental issues and the economy. These are becoming increasingly important given the widespread adoption of net zero targets by a wide range of countries and regions and the broader recognition in the ways in which economic activity is underpinned and influenced by environmental factors. Economic techniques are also able to shed light on the challenges and consequences in the transition to a lower carbon and lower environmental impact economy.

The group publish in leading academic journals as well as closely engage with colleagues across the Business School and the wider University to undertake research funded by external organisations. Members also contribute to supervising postgraduate research students in these areas, as well as teaching across the department and faculty’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The group’s theory-informed, high-impact, applied research also generates regular engagement and impact with the wider business and policy communities.

Example publications

Allan, G., Roy, G. and Waite, D. (2023) A Mission perspective on emissions reduction at the city level: the case of Glasgow, Scotland, Climate Policy

Comerford, D., and Spiganti, A. (2022) The Carbon Bubble: Climate Policy in a Fire-Sale Model of Deleveraging, Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Dickson, A. and I. A. MacKenzie (2022) Permit markets with political and market distortions; Environmental and Resource Economics

Alexander, K., Allan, G., Graziano, M., Lema, E. and McGrane, S. (2022) The many sizes and characters of the Blue Economy, Ecological Economics

Allan, G.J., Connolly, K., McGregor, P. and Ross, A. (2021) A new method to estimate the economic activity supported by offshore wind: a hypothetical extraction study for the United Kingdom, Wind Energy

Figus G., McGregor P., Swales K., Turner K., (2020) Do sticky energy prices impact the time paths of rebound effects associated with energy efficiency actions?, Energy Economics

Byrne, J.P., Lorusso, M. and Xu, B., (2019) Oil Prices, Fundamentals and Expectations, Energy Economics


Knowledge exchange projects

The Economic Impact of Scotland's Renewable Energy Sector” – Scottish Renewables (James Black and Mairi Spowage)

“Investigating the potential for an offshore wind supply chain in Northern Ireland” – (Kevin Connolly, David Comerford and Ciara Crummey)

"Economic-based non-domestic water demand forecasts to 2045" - Scottish Water (Scott McGrane, Grant Allan & Graeme Roy)