A group of wind turbines at sunset

Economics Energy & the environment

Members of the department apply economic techniques to explore the links between energy and environmental issues and the economy. These are becoming increasingly important given the widespread adoption of net zero targets by a wide range of countries and regions. These links are also critical to identifying the economic challenges and opportunities in the transition to a lower carbon and lower environmental impact economy.

The group publish in leading academic journals as well as closely engage with colleagues across the Business School and the wider University to undertake research funded by external organisations. Members also contribute to postgraduate research and across the departments undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes.

The group’s theory-informed, high-impact, applied research also generates regular engagement with the wider business and policy communities.

Example publications

Allan, G. J., McGrane, S. J., Roy, G., & Baer, T. M. (2020). Scotland's industrial water use: Understanding recent changes and examining the future. Environmental Science & Policy.

Allan, G. J., & Ross, A. G. (2019). The characteristics of energy employment in a system-wide context. Energy Economics.

Dickson, A., & MacKenzie, I. A. (2018). Strategic trade in pollution permits. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

Figus, G., Swales, J. K., & Turner, K. (2018). Can Private Vehicle-augmenting Technical Progress Reduce Household and Total Fuel Use? Ecological Economics, 146, 136-147.

Gehrsitz, M. (2017). The effect of low emission zones on air pollution and infant health. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.


Knowledge exchange projects

"Economic-based non-domestic water demand forecasts to 2045" - Scottish Water (Scott McGrane, Grant Allan & Graeme Roy)