A group of wind turbines at sunset

EconomicsEnergy & the environment

Members of the department also contribute to a research team from across disciplines to address the many energy challenges of the 21st Century, including reducing the environmental impact of energy use, improving energy efficiency and assessing the links between energy use and the economy.

The team forms part of one of the largest energy research clusters in Europe, from across engineering, science, policy and the business school.

Example publications

The effect of low emission zones on air pollution and infant health
Gehrsitz, M. 31 May 2017 In : Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 83, p. 121-144 24 p. 

Can private motor vehicle-augmenting technical progress reduce household and total fuel use?
Figus, G.Swales, J. K. & Turner, K. 1 Apr 2018 In : Ecological Economics. 146, p. 136-147 12 p.

Greening regional development: employment in low-carbon and renewable energy activities
Allan, G., McGregor, P. & Swales, K. 30 Jul 2017 In : Regional Studies. 51, 8, p. 1270-1280 11 p. 

Strategic trade in pollution permits
Dickson Alexander, MacKenzie Ian
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, pp. 1-37, (2017)


  • The impact of non-energy policies on the energy system” – UK Energy Research Council (Grant Allan, Peter McGregor, Andrew Ross & Graeme Roy)
  • “Fellowship for economic analysis of Scottish energy system using Computable General Equilibrium modelling expertise” – ClimateXChange (Gioele Figus, Grant Allan, Peter McGregor);
  • “Linking agricultural and ecosystem models with economy-wide models” – Scottish Government through 2016-2021 Strategic Research Programme (Grant Allan, David Comerford, Kevin Connolly and Peter McGregor);
  • “SuperGen Wind Hub” – Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (Grant Allan and Peter McGregor).

Knowledge exchange projects

"Economic-based non-domestic water demand forecasts to 2045" - Scottish Water (Scott McGrane, Grant Allan & Graeme Roy)