HistoryPhD in History with Genealogical Studies

This is a research area within History but with co-supervision by staff from Genealogical Studies programme delivered by the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

This gives you the chance to undertake a History PhD but one with a distinctive genealogical dimension to it.

The PhD

Within the UK, a PhD is a research degree, undertaken full-time over 36 months, or part-time over 60 months.

Students are expected to undertake research that results in a thesis which contributes to the wider literature in the field, thereby making an original contribution to current knowledge. All Postgraduate Research Students within the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences are members of the Graduate School and have access to facilities, events, and funding opportunities.

In undertaking a PhD with us, you're required to engage fully with the review process which includes six-monthly interim reviews, and 12-monthly annual reviews.

A PhD in History

A PhD in history with a genealogical dimension may incorporate more than one of the following areas:

  • Using genealogical techniques and/or sources to advance knowledge in associated areas. This includes historical demography, local history, sociology etc. This research may focus on a particular event, area or question in history viewed through the ‘lens’ of its effect on a group, set of families or individuals
  • Reappraising previous research findings through the use of genealogical research techniques and/or records and newly developed tools such as genetic genealogy. These can be historical, genealogical, demographic, etc 
  • Assessing and evaluating newly available or not-often-used resources. These can include archival collections, ways of using software, etc. This research might examine and evaluate primary sources and/or research methods for the enhancement of genealogical practice. 
  • Assessing and evaluating development in genealogical practice or supporting areas such as archives. This research can include questioning what, why and how genealogists do things, with the aim of delivering a better and more effective service. 

This is not an exhaustive list. You may wish to select a different focus altogether.

Genealogical studies

Genealogical study is an area of endeavor which is still developing as an academic discipline. Strathclyde’s Genealogical Studies Postgraduate Programme is one of the key players in the development of this field. This means our students are among those exploring this area of research.

We've found that many of the research projects our staff and students work on have strong historical elements. Yet, the focus within them tends to be on individuals and/or families, their connections, outcomes or demographics and how they're affected by historical events.