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Prospective Students

The Strathclyde Applied Economics CDT offers prospective students not only the opportunity to excel in academic research, but also to realise the full impact of that research beyond the confines of academia. You will receive support from two expert supervisors and have access to the expertise and contacts of colleagues in the Fraser of Allander Institute that interact at the interface of research and policy/industry on a daily basis. We can also support you to work alongside a collaborative partner.

We encourage applications from students whose research interests overlap with our own. Check out faculty members research interests on our staff pages. We encourage you to get in touch with appropriate members of staff to discuss your research ideas.

To apply for a PhD in the Strathclyde Applied Economics CDT, please visit the PhD information page, and make sure you read all the relevant information there before applying.

Current Students

At any one time we have around 30-40 students in the CDT, with around 10 new students per year. Students are funded from a range of sources, including the ESRC via SGSSS; the Strathclyde Research Studentship Scheme; Commonwealth PhD Scholarships; home Government funding; etc.  Current members of the Strathclyde Applied Economics CDT are:


Project Title


Collaborative Partner

Applied Microeconomics, including Policy Evaluation

Chirsty McFadyen

An investigation of the labour market transitions of low paid workers

Stuart McIntyreTricia Findlay (WEO)

Gennaro Rossi

Education and Human Capital Accumulation - Evidence from Scotland

Markus GehrsitzStuart McIntyre


Jonathan Kemp

An exploration of how promotions create and/or destroy brand value, using examples from the soft drinks industry

Alex Dickson; Markus Gehrsitz


Konstantinos Koutsouradis

Variations in healthcare utilisation and spending a spatial econometric approach

Stuart McIntyreAlec Morton (ManSc)


Mark Bamber

A framework to assess the relationships between foreign direct investment, inflation, job creation and economic growth in small island states

Ian WootonMarkus Gehrsitz


Ross Mackenzie

The Impact of Migration: Differences Between Scotland and the Rest of the UK

Marco Alfano; Graeme Roy


Sam Grant

An evaluation of the impact of the UK’s Universal Credit welfare reform

Markus GehrsitzStuart McIntyre

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Sascha Mull

How are energy and utility companies able to compete successfully within the digitalized Smart Energy market

Karen Turner (Centre for Energy Policy; Kai Rommel (ISM Dortmund).



Lateef Akanni  

The Effects of the National Living Wage on Health Outcomes supervised

Otto LenhartAlec Morton (Man Sci)


Mhairi Love

Essays on the impacts of recent welfare reforms on women's fertility choices and labour market outcomes

Julia DarbyAgnese Romiti


Stephen Boyle

An evaluation of economic policy in Scotland

Graeme Roy; Graeme Acheson (AccFin)


Yuriy Zhukov

The Loyalty Penalty: impacts on consumers and policy responses

Alex Dickson; Marco Fongoni

Competition Markets Authority

Hasanuzzaman Syed

Losses from work-related Injury and Illness in Bangladesh: the importance of treatment delay

Otto LenhartAbigail Colson


Praveen Venkatesh

Competition policy for digital markets

Alex DicksonMarkus Gehrsitz


Zhan Shi

Childhood education and skill development: evaluating the effects of policy and school environments

Jonathan NorrisAgnese Romiti


Grant Nippler

Welfare Policies and Chld Wellbeing

Agnese Romiti; Graeme Roy


Cesarine Boinet

Socioeconomic and gendered differences in early parental investments

Agnese RomitiJonathan Norris


Development Economics 

Gabriel Aboyadana

Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

Marco Alfano; Alex Dickson


Edeo Kalo

An investigation into the drivers of food price volatility in East Africa

Grant Allan; Marco Alfano


Bayesian Econometrics 

Aristeidis Raftapostolos

Bayesian Econometrics with emphasis on Macroeconomic Applications

Gary KoopStuart McIntyre


Georgeos Kontogeorgos

An investigation of monetary policy rules under model uncertainty

Gary KoopJulia Darby


Paponpat Taveeapiradeecharoen

Robustness of Prior Selector in Modern Bayesian Econometrics: An Investigation on Large Dimension Bayesian VAR and Other VARs

Gary KoopStuart McIntyre


Seyma Vahap

Using Bayesian econometrics to model the financial crisis

Gary KoopJulia Darby


Wonolope Khumpradith

On the dynamics of volatility spillovers between foreign exchange and stock markets in developed and ASEAN+3 economies

Gary KoopJulia Darby


Michael Grammatikopoulos

Forecasting with Bayesian Machine Learning Methods, part-time by external study

Gary KoopStuart McIntyre


Tony Chernis

Essays in Applied Macro-Econometrics

Gary KoopStuart McIntyre


Applied Macroeconomics, including Macroeconomic Modelling, Climate Change and Energy 

Jon McFarlane

Building and using a framework to analyse the economic impacts of policies targeted at the tourism economy in Scotland

Grant AllanGioele Figus

 Visit Scotland

Maria Clemens

Climate modelling, economic modelling and water resource management

Scott McGrane; Christopher White (Civil and Environmental Engineering)


Orla Watson

An Examination of the Role of Natural Capital in Macroeconomic Modelling

David ComerfordGioele Figus


Slawomir Dzido

Financing the Climate Transition: The Role of Macroeconomic Policymakers

David ComerfordGrant Allan


Geoffroy Duparc-Portier

Incorporating Behavioural Economics theories into CGE models 

Alex DicksonGioele Figus


Iswat Oladele

The Impact of Macroprudential Policies on Financial Stability: Evidence from West Africa

David ComerfordJulia Darby


Yushan Mo

Can local areas gain new jobs when new high-tech businesses are attracted?

Gioele FigusStuart McIntyre


Prince Vitenu-Sackey

The impact of economic policy uncertainty and economic freedom on sustainable development: the intervening role of innovation capability

Joe Byrne; Sharada Davidson


Completed Students

Read some blogs written by some of our recent students on their PhD experience: Daniel Borbely; Sharada Davidson; Jinkai Zhang.

Below is a list of some of our recently completed students along with their current positions.


Thesis Title


Current Position

Daniel Borbely

Essays on the impact of changing tax rates and

welfare spending

Julia Darby; Graeme Roy

Lecturer in Economics, University of Dundee

Anastasia Charalampidou


Three essays on government intervention in the oil and gas industry

Giuseppe De Feo

Senior Policy Advisor at the Scottish Government

Sharada Davidson

Econometric Modelling in a Changing, Globalised World

Gary KoopJulia Darby

Lecturer in Economics, University of Strathclyde

Marco Fongoni

Asymmetric Reciprocity,

Reference Wage Formation, and

the Theory of Wages and


Julia DarbyAlex Dickson

Lecturer in Economics, University of Strathclyde

Dare Owatemi

Real options and strategic interactions in imperfectly competitive markets

Alex Dickson

Transfer Pricing Economist at HM Revenue & Customs

Matthew Robertson

Essays on the economics of information

Alex Dickson; Giuseppe De Feo

Lecturer in Economics, University of Coventry

Jinkai Zhang

An investigation of stock market volatility in Chinese stock markets and the effects of institutional investors

Julia Darby; Hai Zhang (Acc and Fin)

Quantitative Developer and Researcher at ClearMacro, London

Ali Taleb

Investigating the impacts of R&D spending on renewable energy

Marco Alfano; Alex Dickson

Research Assistant, European University Flensburg, Germany 

Rohan Sachdev

The new fiscal powers of the Scottish Parliament and their impact on public services and the Scottish economy

Grant Allan; Graeme Roy

Research Economist, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Northern Ireland

Abraham Ajayi

Petroleum Revenue and Economic Growth in Nigeria

Roger Perman; Nikos Danias


Imran Khan

Investigating the impacts of globalization on gender empowerment and economic growth

Ian WootonDavid Comerford


Benjamin Ng'mor

International Trade in the African region

Ian WootonDavid Comerford

Postdoc internship, Word Trade Organisation

Orion Meyer

The transition to a low carbon future: Ex post evaluations of the economic impacts of energy technologies

Grant AllanStuart McIntyre


Saeed Zaman

Essays on Macroeconomic Time Varying Cointegration Using Bayesian Inference

Gary KoopJulia Darby


Ping Wu

Essays on applications of time varying cointegration

Gary KoopJulia Darby


Ayse Yaylali

The Role of Economic Institutions and Institutional Reforms on Economic Growth and Development

Alex Dickson; Marco Alfano




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