Wind & Marine Energy Systems Our Research Areas

Research Topics

Callum Guy - Floating Offshore Structures, Tidal Turbines, Numerical Modelling (2018)

Marilou Jourdain De Thieulloy -Tidal Currents, Turbulence, Acoustic Transducers (2017)

Gabriele Pisetta - Fluid Mechanics, Shape Morphing Blades, Load Alleviation, Performance Enhancement (2016)

George Elderfield - Aeroelastics, Fatigue, Complex Wind Fields, Load Mitigation (2016)

Alfred Cotten - Wave Energy, Hydrodynamics, Numerical Modelling, Heuristic Optimisation (2015)

James Steer - Rogue waves, freak waves, surface waves, interfacial, non-linear Schroedinger equations (2014) 

Steven Martin - Floating Turbine  Rotor Loads (2011)

Scott McLaren-Gow - Ducted Wind Turbines (2010)

Robert Young - Turbulent Inflow to Wind Turbines (2010)

Jonathan Butler - Analysis of Complex Wind Flow (2009)




Nicola Grieve - Wind Turbine Controllers, Wind Modelling (2016)

Matthew Cole - Wind Farm Control, Power Systems (2016)

Lindsey Amos - Control, wakes, layout, simulation, optimisation (2015)

Bartosz Soltowski - Peer-to-Peer Electricity Trading, Microgrids, Smart Grids (2015)

Rohaida Binti Hussain - Control system, wind turbine control, aero-elastic tailoring (2014)

Edward Hart - Machine learning, Gaussian Process, control, nonlinear dynamics (2014)

GGiorgio Zorzi - Improved yield from wind turbines through online anomaly detection and compensation (2014)

Velissarios Kourkoulis - Wind Farm Control (2012)

Saman Poushpas - Wind Farm Control (2011)

Jonathan Samson - Control for a Buoyant Wind Turbine (2011)

Charles Plumley - Smart Rotor Wind Turbine (2010)

Maria Lourdes Gala Santos - Next Generation Large Wind Turbines Controller Design (2009)

Conaill Soraghan - Design of pitch regulated vertical axis wind turbines (2009)





Jennifer Morris - HVDC, control, VSC, power systems (2018)

Sam Harrison - Virtual Synchronous Machine, Retrofitting, Techno-economic feasibility (2018)

Marlee Basurto - Hybrid converter, MW Wind turbine converters,  Model predictive control (MPC), Wide BandGap (WBG), power electronics topology design, SiC MOSFET, Si IGBT (2017)

Mathieu Kervyn - Control, Inverter-Grid Interconnection, Small Signal Analysis (2017)

Ben McGilton- Marine energy, direct drive, EM gearbox (2014)

Chandra Pun - Direct drive, airgap forces, modular power electronic converter, multi-coil generator (2014) 

Pablo Jaen Sola - Advanced Stuctural Modelling of Wind Turbine Generators (2012)

Kerri Hart - Optimum design for offshore HVDC connection (2011)

Yiqing Lian - DC collection networks (2011)

Douglas Elliott - Cluster Based collection networks for offshore wind farms (2009)




Paul Pirrie - Electrical Systems, Control, Grid Integration, New Concepts (2017)

Peter Taylor - Energy Storage, Control, Cable Optimisation, Electrical Infrastructure (2017)

Anastasis Charalambous - Power Systems, HVDC, Power Electronics, Real Time Simulations (2016)

Edgar Lucas - Electrical Power Systems (2016)

Bartosz Soltowski - Peer-to-Peer Electricity Trading, Microgrids, Smart Grids (2015)

Daniel Danzerl- Managing increased penetration of Distributed Wind Generation (2013)

Ashraf Elmontaser - Facilitating Wind Generation through Smart Distribution Networks (2013)

Luis Reguera - Real-time laboratory demonstration of the provision of inertia from offshore wind turbines via HVDC links (2013)

John Warnock - Reliability Cost-Benefit of Meshed International Transmission Networks (2013)

Edward Corr  - On-line Partial Discharge Detection and Evaluation in HVDC Power Systems (2012)

Alexander Giles - Inertial response from offshore wind farms connected via HVDC links (2012)

Kamyab Givaki - Distributed support of AC voltage and frequency on HVDC connected wind farms (2012)

Kevin Johnstone - Power Systems, Transient Stability, Inertia, Wind Energy (2011)

Laura Kane - Power System Access Arrangements for Wind Power (2010)

Callum MacIver - Reliability Assessment of Offshore Network Designs for Wind Power (2010)

Iain Dallas - Control and Protection of Supergrids (2010)

Simon Gill - Extending Optimal power flow for wind power in Active Network Management Schemes (2009)

Brian Jenkins - Floating Wind, Offshore Wind, Maintenance, Reliability, O&M, Heavy Lift, HLV, Floating Crane (2018)

Fraser Anderson - O&M, Wind Turbine Reliability, Big Data Analysis (2018)

James Stirling - Main-Bearing, Modelling, O&M, FEA (2017)

Conor McKinnon - Condition Monitoring, Machine Learning (2017)

Alan Turnbull - Generators, Failure Prediction, Machine Learning, Signal Processing (2016)

Becky Corley - Condition Monitoring, Physical Modelling, Failure Prediction (2016)

Sofia Koukoura - Condition Monitoring – Vibrations – Data Analytics (2015)

Tim Rubert - Life extension, wind turbine, foundation, structure (2014)

Rafael Dawid - An integrated performance and condition based approach to maintenance decision making (2013)

Peter Mills - Impact of marine dynamics on offshore wind farm performance (2013)

James Carroll - Reduced CoE through drive train selection, O&M strategies and design for maintenance techniques (2012)

Xi Yu- Implementation and Testing of Integrated Diagnosis and Prognosis Maintenance for Offshore Wind Turbines (2011)

Allan May - The Effectiveness of Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring Systems (2011)

Graeme Wilson - The effects of weather on Wind Turbine Failure Modes (2010)

David Ferguson - Augmenting SCADA Data with High Frequency Condition Monitoring System Data (2010)

Magnus Currie - Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbine Foundations (2009)

Iain Dinwoodie - Operations and Maintenance for future offshore wind farms (2009)

Andrew Hamilton - Development of a novel lubrication based condition monitoring system for wind turbine gearboxes (2009)

Euan Duernberger - NDT, Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing, Composites, Ultrasound, Inspection (2018)

Grant Leishman - Materials Science, Blade Coatings (2016)

Oliver Tulloch - Airborne Wind Energy – Rotary Kites (2015)

Owain Roberts - wave and tidal, uncertainty, structured innovation, roadmaps (2014)

Conor Gilmour - Locally manufactured wind turbines in Sub-Saharan Africa (2013)

Euan MacMahon - Control System Design of a Multi Rotor System (2013)

Craig Siddons - Effect of raindrop erosion on materials used for offshore wind turbine blades (2013)

Hamish Macdonald - The Influence of Hail on Wind Turbine Blade Leading Edge Erosion and Damage (2012)

Romans Kazacoks - A Generic Evaluation of Loads in Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (2011)

Roberts Proskovics - Dynamic Response of Spar-type Offshore Wind Turbines (2010)

Mark Keegan - Impact and Erosion Performance of Offshore Wind Turbine Leading Edge Materials (2009)

Michael Branney - Refinement and Clarification of the Wind Energy Systems Design Space (2009)




Iain Struthers - Life Cycle Assessment, LCA, floating wind, wave energy, tidal energy, marginal emissions, carbon reduction potential, carbon payback time, energy systems modelling (2018)

Rebecca Hall - Cumulative Effects Assessment (CEA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (2017)

Alfred Alsop - Market Assessment, Rural Electrification, Small Wind, Energy for Development (2015)

Calum Edmunds - Electricity Markets (2015)

Ifeoluwa Garba - Sustainable development, energy economics, energy policy, developing countries (2015)

Kevin Connolly - The policy context for, and economic consequences of, offshore wind in Scotland (2013)

Shona Pennock - The Impact on the economics and operation of wind power in Scotland of a single European Energy Market (2012)



Ciaran Gilbert - Wind Power Forecasting, Spatial-Temporal Forecasting, Short-Term Forecasting (2015)

Alice Malvaldi - Spatio-Temporal Prediction of Wind Based on Wind Velocity and Related Parameters (2013)

David Hamilton - Intelligent forecasting in wind energy applications (2012)

Jethro Browell - Spatio-temporal Prediction of Wind Fields (2011)


Adam Harris - Magnetic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), Magnetic Gears, Power-train, Generator control (2017)

Michael Argent - Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Drivetrains (2013)

Christopher Warnock - Detailed Dynamic Modelling of Wind Turbine Drivetrains (2012)

Kenneth Scott - Effects of Extreme and Transients Loads on Wind Turbines Drive Trains (2009)